You will need
  • -passport
  • -documents of title
  • -statement
To obtain cadastral passports, contact the BTI statement. Attach to the application documents of title to the apartment. You will be put on the queue for inspection of your apartment as a technical assistant BTI on the basis of which we prepare a new technical plan and issued a new technical documents to the apartment.
Within the specified period you will visit the technician from BTI, look around the place and say when you can come for registration of the cadastral passport of the apartment. After this period you will issue cadastral passport for it. Is all this not quickly. All acts need to pay specified at the stand of BTI amount.
If you are in a hurry and the documents for any reason it is necessary to issue urgently in the short term, the urgency in the BTI, there are accelerated rates of pay above the usual rates in times. By paying a certain amount for urgency, you can directly go to the technical officer of the BTI for the visit. You the same day or maximum next will issue the technical documents, the cadastral passport and give all the necessary statements out of him.
If your apartment was made some changes in the layout or rebuilding of the apartments, which are not specified in the previous documents available at the apartment in the BTI, then immediately nothing to make you fail. You can write a huge fine or forced to bring everything back to normal and only after repeated inspection of the apartment will issue technical documents and cadastral passport.