Advice 1: How to obtain a cadastral passport of the apartment

An extract from the cadastral passportand the apartment needed to perform any legally significant transactions. The cadastral passport is issued in the Bureau of technical inventory. Every 5 years the information in it to update, because after this period they become obsolete and of legal transactions is not suitable.

How to obtain a cadastral passport of the apartment
You will need
  • -passport
  • -documents of title
  • -statement
To obtain cadastral passports, contact the BTI statement. Attach to the application documents of title to the apartment. You will be put on the queue for inspection of your apartment as a technical assistant BTI on the basis of which we prepare a new technical plan and issued a new technical documents to the apartment.
Within the specified period you will visit the technician from BTI, look around the place and say when you can come for registration of the cadastral passport of the apartment. After this period you will issue cadastral passport for it. Is all this not quickly. All acts need to pay specified at the stand of BTI amount.
If you are in a hurry and the documents for any reason it is necessary to issue urgently in the short term, the urgency in the BTI, there are accelerated rates of pay above the usual rates in times. By paying a certain amount for urgency, you can directly go to the technical officer of the BTI for the visit. You the same day or maximum next will issue the technical documents, the cadastral passport and give all the necessary statements out of him.
If your apartment was made some changes in the layout or rebuilding of the apartments, which are not specified in the previous documents available at the apartment in the BTI, then immediately nothing to make you fail. You can write a huge fine or forced to bring everything back to normal and only after repeated inspection of the apartment will issue technical documents and cadastral passport.
Most often it is necessary for the implementation of real estate transactions, it is provided by the current legislation in the sphere of registration of real estate transactions. Our experts will provide a full range of services, from order receipt to delivery of the required documents: cadastral passports and other documents for transactions and other legal actions with immovable property. Getting the cadastral passport at the apartment.
Useful advice
It is allowed to present other documents that indicate the fact of receiving and transmitting communications on the balance sheet, the address of the object, its characteristics; * Copies of plans for land plots with cadastral numbers of the state land cadastre of Moscow (if issued land relations). For obtaining a cadastral passport to the apartment and spruce about the appraised value of the owner of the apartment must be submitted in TBTI

Advice 2 : How to obtain a cadastral passport on the house

Cadastral passport allows you to register the right of ownership of the property and to perform other legal actions. It is made in the centre of land registration, cadastre and cartography.
How to obtain a cadastral passport on the house
Actually, the cadastral passport is not one but a whole package of documents, which includes a special extract from the OCG, that is, the register of the state real property cadastre, unique information about the house or apartment, including the size of the house (length*width*height), location and area of each room, description of the appearance of the structure, as well as the address and the cadastral value.
Apply to the Body of the cadastral account at the location of the house. In this case a cadastral passport must give free, if you just want to put the house on cadastral registration. If you want to update specifications, have to pay a certain fee.
Take documents confirming the identity of the citizen, the right of ownership to this property.
Write a statement of the established sample, asking it about the cadastral registration or modification of information, and how to get them. This can be done either in person, or filling out a form on the websites of "Public services" ( or the cadastral authority of the Russian Federation (regions of Russia).
After reviewing your application and performing the necessary measurements and evaluation within twenty working days after the request, you will receive the cadastral passport. The number of instances should be no less than two and not more than five. In the cadastral passporte have to be invested accurate plan drawing of the dwelling. To speed up the decision, you can make the payment on a price of the organization.
In some cases, you can refuse the issuance of cadastral passportand the cadastral registration. The cadastral authority must issue an official notice of refusal stating the reasons.

Advice 3 : The process of registration of the cadastral passport at home

The cadastral passport of the building document confirming that this structure is included in the state cadastre of real estate objects entered in the register and assigned a unique number by which this structure can always be uniquely identified. You simply will not be able to confirm their ownership of the house that does not have a cadastral passport.
The process of registration of the cadastral passport at home

The documents regulating the procedure of cadastral registration

In the cadastral passport of the building contains all the information that was entered in the state cadastral registry. Is information about the structure of the material of which it is built, the number of storeys, purpose, as well as its address, a site plan the boundaries of the land plot and the cadastral number assigned to a house after registration. The form of this document is strictly regulated and its production and design is vested in the organs of state registration.

Bodies of Federal registration service that are authorized to conduct real estate cadastre on the territory of Russia, in its activities shall be guided by legal documents, Federal laws, departmental letters, orders, and regulations. The main document on the basis of the cadastral account of objects of real estate – land and located on them buildings, is the Federal law No. 221-FZ "On state real estate cadastre". It was adopted in 2007 and since then it made a lot of changes that you need to know to prepare all the documents needed for setting the house on cadastral registration.

New procedure for registration of buildings and structures came into effect from 1 January 2013, but the bodies of BTI and other organizations that have the right to engage in cadastral activities, until January 1, 2014 still unable to produce technical plans. The document that lists technical data and floor plans of the house also required for registration of the cadastral passport of the BTI issue is not entitled to.

The procedure of setting the house on cadastral registration

Today the issuance of cadastral passports produced only regional Cadastral chamber included in the system of Rosreestr – the Federal service of registration, cadastre and cartography. The statement that you need to obtain this document you must send to such a body which operates in the territory of the district where the house is located.

In that case, when you have permission to enter the house in operation, is issued after 1 March 2012, you can attach it to the application, and this will be enough. In the absence of such permission, make the primary technical documentation - technical plan, which you can order from the certified cadastral engineer or the organization in the state that employs such engineers. As already mentioned, the technical plan of the house before 1 January 2014 you can produce and BTI.

Of ski, which appeared recently, is composed of individuals who have received the state accreditation for the implementation of cadastral activities. These engineers may work as private entrepreneurs. Regardless of whether the cadastral engineer private business or works in the state of the organization, you will need to enter into a formal contract on performance of cadastral works. The timing of the works and their cost specified in this contract.
A list of organizations and individual entrepreneurs engaged in cadastral works, you will find on the website of cadastral registration authority of your area.

Before you can access the cadastral engineer, in the absence of the approved project documentation and permission to enter the house in operation, on hands you need to have the cadastral plan of the plot issued by the "Land cadastral chamber" or the same bodies of Federal registration service, if you have already designed the boundary plan of the land plot on which is erected the structure. In addition, you'll need a document confirming the right of ownership of the site and building, civil passport, and copies of legal documents.
Formal requirement that copies must be certified by a notary, no, but local officials may require it. Therefore, it is better to prepare the packages with the copies of the necessary documents notarized.

In accordance with the terms stated in the contract, cadastral engineer should make all necessary measurements and to collect all initial information about the structure. In the framework of this agreement is made and geodetic survey of the land specifying its boundaries, which should be consistent with adjacent land users. In cases when the actual parcel boundaries do not match those specified in the title documents, attached an explanatory Memorandum specifying the reasons why it could happen. Cadastral engineer is and detailed floor plan of the house showing all the sizes and used in construction materials.

Having the technical plan, you can refer to the territorial cadastral chamber with a statement on the results of the cadastral passport. You can also fill out the appropriate application form on the website of cadastral registration authority of your region, as an Annex, the technical plan, the digital signature of the cadastral engineer, in digital form.
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