The first thing you can do is to go to a real estate Agency. If you plan to sell the apartment, you will consult on the issue of prices. If future real estate transaction will take place without the involvement of agents, the advice you will get the money. However, this option will not always be sufficient for you, because:
- if you are going to make a loan secured by an apartment in the Bank then you will require the evaluation report. The Agency to provide such report will not be able, as it is not specializiruetsya for evaluation services has no certification, etc.;
- not always agents can faithfully relate to the determination of the value of the property. Most often, each apartment is individual and has its own characteristics. You, most likely, will refer to the average price per square meter of real estate in the area. Therefore, to rely on settlement agents completely not worth it.
The second step may also not be the most reliable (depending on your knowledge and diligence), is the determination of value yourself. You can use a variety of sources: Newspapers, magazines, Internet sites, information obtained from friends, acquaintances, relatives – all where you can see the description and price sold or are already sold the apartment. However, finding information is only the beginning. The most important thing is to handle it properly.
You need to look as closely as possible the objects in size, condition, year of construction, the presence/absence of furniture. It is logical that if you find similar features with the difference is only in the finish, you need to add or subtract the approximate cost of the repair (and similarly with the furniture). The price can also vary from floor to floor. In addition, it is important to know that the larger the size of the apartment, the less the cost per square meter, ceteris paribus.
If you are lucky, and found a few similar to your flat objects, you just need to calculate the average cost of 1 sq m and multiply by the desired area.
And the final option is to determine the price of the apartment will appeal to the appraisal company. For this you will need to enter into the contract, to provide title documents and passport BTI (in some cases this is not an exhaustive list) and are willing to pay for the evaluation report. It will be made all the necessary calculations and the cost will be as close as possible to the actual (of course, if you turned in good company). This option is also the most expensive.
The necessity for appraisers is justified only in case, if you need documentary proof of value, or your apartment is too individual and you are unable to cope with the assessment.