You will need
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - cadastral number of the land plot.
Refer to the official website of the Federal service for state registration, cadastre and cartography, opening the relevant page at
On the website, open the online cadastral map. You will see the image all regions of the country made subject to the division into cadastral parcels.
In the left part of the page in the search box, enter the name you are interested in the region and the cadastral number of the plot, the cost of which you are going to find out. Use one of the following formats with the introduction of a cadastral number:

Click "Find". Open map the selected region of the country, which will include data inventory accounting. In the right pane of the screen will be located in the information section of the map where there are open for free access to information about the cadastral parcel number, address, area, types of permitted use.
Go to the menu "Management card". Using the menu options, mark the relevant parameters of the cadastral parcel. Using the controls of the map, change the scale of the image, making it smaller or, on the contrary, large.
Use the page "Thematic map" for the calculation of the cadastral value of a certain area. Select the "Cadastral value" or "Cadastral value per square meter". You will see the cadastral value of the land that chose to view its parameters.
In the absence of Internet access please contact the local office ROSNEDVIZHIMOSTI. At your request, that contain the cadastral number of the plot you are interested in, the specialists will provide information on its cadastral value. If necessary, you can also receive a document containing calculations of payments for this site.