You will need
  • - the statement in the BTI;
  • - passport;
  • - documents of title to the garage;
  • - receipt of payment for the issuance of information.
Submit the BTI application on a call technical specialist. Based on the inspection of the property you place technical and cadastral passports and the plan. Assessment of cadastral cost of the garage is based on many factors. Will take into account the material from which built the garage, its location, year of construction, property rights, limitation of property rights. For example, if your garage belongs to you on property rights, the experts on the cadastral value will be different if you are a user, but the rights of ownership are not issued and the garage is owned by all members of the cooperative.
In the evaluation criteria considered: market value assessed on real estate in your area; the cost of land on which is located the garage; the property rights on the site.
The results of the evaluation are reflected in the evaluation statement. The final cost is determined by the overall assessment of the individual object and based on the area multiplied by the specific indicator of cadastral cost of objects in your region. At the bottom of the appraisal report shall sign the authorized persons and the head who approved the document.
You can obtain an extract from the act of evaluation. To do this, submit an application, pay a fee for the issuance of the statement. Certificate of the cadastral value of the object is required in the case of laying the garage in Bank Deposit, in the division of hereditary weight, when arrested with an inventory and seizure of property for charging property tax for payment of the tax upon donation of property.
When selling, it is more rational to determine the market value of the garage, turning to independent valuers or on the basis of the cost of selling a similar property in your area.