An independent assessment of the apartment experts. If you want to know the cost of the apartment in order to take out a Bank loan is a requirement. Engaged in the evaluation. Their addresses and phone numbers can be found on the Internet, real estate agencies, telephone directory. Banks have their list of appraisers. After evaluation, you will receive the relevant document.
Show apartment realtors. They will mean you most likely (market) price that prevailed when the sale or purchase of an apartment in a competitive market. If you wish, ask them to do you a selection of similar offerings.
View newspaper. Examine the Internet sites. Find out the "corridor" of prices for apartments in your area. Please pay special attention to apartments in houses built approximately the same year and from the same material as yours, and in apartments of a similar size and layout. An important indicator is the floor and floors of the house. The first and last floor (if it's not much) are usually not such a demand as average.
The Internet to find the services that is engaged in the evaluation of housing (mainly to Moscow) online. The cost of the apartment will be determined on the basic parameters that affect its price (district, area, etc.)