You will need
  • - documentation of the SIM card;
  • phone.
In order to know the pin code of the SIM card MTS, view it in the documents that was issued to you by the operator during the registration numbers. Erase the protective layer with a coin and see the information you need. This is true in the case since the acquisition of SIM card you never changed the security code. New SIM card this password is not requested when enabled, it check is disabled by default.
To activate the request in the security settings of your phone, you need to confirm inclusion by entering it into the appropriate box. The last time the default pin code of the SIM card is 0000. However, all can depend on to serve you operator.
If you can't remember your pin, and in addition, you do not have access to the documents on your SIM card, which defines the necessary information, contact the subscription Department in order to solve this problem. Please note that when the third wrong password, the access number is blocked, and you will need to enter a second pin code, as prescribed in the documents.
When you lock the SIM card, contact the office of the company with documents confirming your identity as the owner. In the case where SIM card is registered to another name, the presence of the person whose passport details written in the contract of service.
If you have previously replaced the SIM card in connection with the loss, enter the pin code 0000, which is usually specified by default for all the maps with re-registration. If the pin has not been changed in the course of your use of this phone number and when entering I get the error message (if you enter the data specified in the documentation of the SIM card), refer also to the operator to resolve the situation.