Note the length of cell phone numbers. If he is short and consists of 4-5 figures, it probably belongs to one of the mobile services offering different services: news, advertising, etc. Quite often these rooms are used by scammers to send spam, malware and phishing links. It is important to check the mobile phone number to find out who is his owner – the official mobile service or intruders. In any case ignore it and don't send messages to it if you got it from an unknown sender or saw a strange site on the Internet.
Enter the phone number in one of the Internet search engines and perform a search procedure. If found room brings you to the official web site of the mobile operator or official of the company for the provision of electronic services to worry about. But in the absence of results when you search by number or detected on sites with complaints, do not use it and write a complaint to the email address of your operator.
Do the same search operation to check the mobile phone number, consisting of 9-10 digits. To compute its owner through the Internet is almost impossible, but you can smile good luck if it belongs, for example, the owner of the company or other public entity.
Visit the phone store for your carrier and ask them to check the mobile phone number. Even if they refuse to call by its owner, you will be able to find out is whether the number of the officially registered and can make calls.
Quite often, the cellular subscribers have been receiving suspicious messages from unknown numbers with different offers. Try to cancel them by sending to this number a message with the text STOP. If you receive a notification about the successful stopping of the distribution is likely the number belongs to a cellular operator or the officially registered company. In the absence of any response, we can conclude that you have become a victim of fraud. Contact your mobile operator to stop the damage.