First and foremost it is worth noting that the service "another account is free, and free as its connecting and using it. You can get virtually any plan, except corporate.

The other subscriber's balance: how to activate

There are some very simple ways to connect this option. The easiest way is to send a message to the short number 111, the message is: 2137.

Another easy way is to call the toll free number 111 and follow the prompts to activate the service "another account".

The third way - from your mobile phone send the following combination *111*2337#, after a few minutes you will receive an SMS message with a confirmation that the service is successfully connected.

Holders of tariff plans of MTS "Cool" and "lighthouse", in order to know the balance of another subscriber, the connection services are not required, as it is at these rates is activated by default.

How to know the balance of another subscriber of MTS

Once the service has "another account" to learn someone's balance is not difficult. You only need to dial *140*XXX XXX XXXX# (where X is digits of phone which balance you want to know the first digit of the number (+7 or 8) is not reached). In reply you will receive information about the balance of a recipient MTS.

If you have "favorite numbers", then in your personal profile on the official website of MTS you can change settings and access information about your balance. These subscribers using the service "another account", will be able at any time to check the status of your account and, if required, to fill it.