Enter a short reference number 0890 if you need to call the operator from your mobile phone. Wait until you hear the greeting and instructions from the answering machine, which will be described in detail recommended next steps.
Go to tone mode by pressing 1-2 times an asterisk on the keys of the phone until you hear a corresponding beep. Then you can click on one of the keys corresponding to a particular section of the helpdesk operator. If you need to communicate directly with a member of the customer support center, you can not waste time and immediately press the "0". Also you will be automatically redirected to the support center, as soon as the answering machine message.
Wait for a bit. After a few beeps will tell you employee support. However, at certain times to call the operator from your mobile phone is problematic, because the line is busy. This will inform the answering service. Wait until the line is freed, or call.
Note that to call the operator from a mobile phone can only subscribers residing in the Russian Federation and Belarus. The same opportunity have the users of the networks of VivaCell-MTS UZDUNROBITA and in the CIS countries. If necessary, call the operator MTS with other cellular operators, dial 8 800 333 08 90.
Try to call the operator MTS with city or home phone number if the mobile is not currently available for use. Dial the number in international format starting with country code, enter an area code and then the number. For example, the call operator MTS in the Moscow region will look like +7 495 766 01 66. Instead of the code seven you can also dial a double zero. The call will be free for all of the above regions and networks.
Contact MTS support using the official website of the cellular operator. On the main page you will see a special section where you can leave a message for technical support. The answer you will receive an e-mail or SMS. Examination of the appeal can take from 1 to 7 days depending on the current request queue and the employment of the staff of the center.