IMEI is the original passport cell phone. Every time the phone connects to the network, the identification number read by the telephone company equipment. If you are in some difficult situation want to maintain your anonymity and change the SIM card, you can still calculate by IMEI is because the phone you still have.
To find out the ID code cell phone in two ways. The easiest way to dial "*#06#" (without the quotes) on the screen of the phone then there will be quite a long series of numbers is your IMEI.
Second method: turn off your phone, remove the cover, remove the battery. Under it on the body of the phone you will see a label indicating this code. Usually code is written on the box of the phone beside the bar-codeom.
If you don't keep the box from phone, write down the identification code in Notepad or any other convenient place. Why is it necessary? In that case, if you lose your phone or it is stolen, you will have the opportunity to try to find him. How to do it?
First of all, you need to write the application in militia about theft and report the IMEI stolen phone. Attempts to appeal to the cellular operator, most likely, will do nothing. But the police can force operators to track stolen phone and at least to lock it.
Note that the stolen phone to the police is too small to matter, so you have to persevere and be asked to provide the IMEI of the mobile operators. In this case, it is hoped that a stolen phone will still be found.
IMEI can be useful in the case if you buy from the hands of the phone without documentation (which, actually, should not be done). On the Internet there are sites which posted the data of thousands of stolen and lost phones, you can always check to see if purchased the phone in one of them.
It should be noted that in some cases, the IMEI can be changed by flashing. Identification code have and USB modems. To IMEI of phone or modem was tied to your SIM card, a single inclusion.