Christian Orthodox culture proclaims to the world that death is not the end of existence, but only the transition of the individual from one state to another. The Church teaches that the human soul is unique and immortal. So, you can find one of the argumentation of the necessity of prayers for the deceased person. The Orthodox man believes that after death the soul of the deceased never dies, but ascends to a private court to God. However, there may be questions about when the soul "departs" to his Creator? Where is the soul of the deceased in the first three days after death?

Orthodox tradition tells us that in the first three days after death the soul of a deceased person is on the ground. In particular, it is possible to find the guidance that the soul of the deceased likes to visit those places that were especially loved by the deceased during his earthly life. This is some sorrow of the soul on leaving its body. You can talk about some "connection" of the soul, transforming into an intangible world, to earthly existence.

Orthodox Christians pray especially hard for the deceased person in the first three days after death. So, in this time can read the Psalms, sang a Requiem, performed the funeral service. Religious people believe that at this time the soul of the deceased is at home. It is present near those people who come to fulfill their religious and moral duty of farewell to the deceased relatives or friends.

Thus, the Orthodox Church supposes that the human soul only on the third day after death goes to God. Up to this time she is on the ground.