You will need
  • Drawing paper or Board, candles, a saucer, a marker.
It's possible that you used this way in childhood, invoking spirits, but repeating never hurts. Take a sheet of graph paper and draw a circle alphabet. The letters must not be to each other too close, otherwise you will not understand which of them have you dead.
Arrange around the edges of the paper candles and light them. Ensure that the members of your seance knocked over them – fires are not conducive to speaking with the dead.
Now put the mid-range saucer and focus on the individual call. Mentally call him. Muffled laughter and conversations, move around the room at this time is not acceptable.
After you called the deceased, place your fingertips on the saucer. Keep a saucer or can one person – medium or all the participants of the seance. Ask spirit your questions, and saucer will move in a circle, pointing to the letters that participants will put into words (the medium is better not to be distracted by this work).
After conducting a seance, don't forget to thank the spirit of the deceased to say goodbye and let him go.