Human sleep is still not fully understood by scientists. So to answer the question why or what dream dead people is not so simple. There are several explanations for this phenomenon. If we consider sleep as a spiritual component of personality, the phenomenon of the dead in dreams can be a projection of human emotions of living people, the memory of the departed. Some people believe dreams with deceased deceased specific phenomena of human personality. However, very rarely Orthodoxy may consider it as an affirmative fact. The fact that the human soul after death no longer exists in our material world. Therefore, a very controversial personality, the phenomenon of the soul in sleep, though sometimes there is a phenomenon in the night visions, saints, virgin Mary or angels. However, that is another question. So what do Orthodox person, if he has died? The Church gives a definite answer to the question.

Phenomenon in the dream of dead people are a stimulus to more intense prayer for the deceased. It is possible that this reflects the need of the human soul, a living person. We can consider this phenomenon as a reminder to the living man about the religious duty of prayers for the dead, filled with love for our deceased loved ones.

After the dream a dead man, the Orthodox Church advises house to pray for the repose of the soul of the deceased. You can read special Canon of the dead, read the akathist for adenomera, sing a doleful litany. All these orders can be found in Orthodox prayer books. If possible, the house can be read the Psalter over the deceased.

Also need to order a commemoration of the dream of the deceased in the temple, if the latter was baptized. You should order a Requiem service in memory of the deceased to light a candle for the repose of their souls. The Church advises to order a commemoration of the deceased in the Liturgy and offertory, to issue prayers for the dead.

If the dream the deceased was not baptized, the past should pray privately (at home).