After death of a close person is required to believe that his soul continues to live. It is impossible to cope with the idea of death, you should try to believe in the presence of the most highs of forces, destined to decide prosper the man or not.
Remember about the person only the good and not think about committed errors. The soul of man must first find peace. Sorrow and tears cause confusion and evaluation of their own, seemingly unfinished or unfinished actions. If you can't calm down, then close the soul is in constant turmoil. If you cry, then she suffers.
If you remember something important to you a person, so at this time his soul is thinking about you. It takes care of the correct human decision. This vision of the soul will easily cope with haunting thoughts.
Be quiet for the baby. By seven, children are considered sinless. On the other side the will of the Supreme intelligence, the child is involved in exciting games, with his face smile and laughter. At this point, the rest of the child protect his family, they will definitely keep an eye on the baby.
A woman or a man do my favorite things. The souls of our loved ones don't forget to keep an eye on our children. And if it happens when you say that a child born in a shirt, you will thank the loved ones.
Do not think ill of adult and blood of strangers. How much evil did man on earth, he will work a miracle for offended them.
Remembering loved ones, don't call them back. Remember the materiality of our thoughts. It is possible that mystical experiences and reality can coexist. Until recently, not proven otherwise.