What kind of dangers the mirror

Long mirrors are considered portals between the two dimensions: the world of the living and the spirit realm. With mirrors involves a lot of beliefs and superstitions and one of them says: it is necessary to hang a mirror in the house when someone died.

It is believed that at the time of death of someone in the household, the boundary between the worlds of the spirits and the living weakens and becomes more vulnerable. Through the mirror in the house can escape the evil spirits of the underworld. For protection and was taken at the time of mourning to hang all the mirrors in the house or remove them to the wall.

It is also known that a mirror can absorb the negative energy. If a person will look in the mirror in moments of sadness and grief, it may court disaster.

The mirror surface is able to double any thing, in the moment when it reflects. Another mirror capable of doubling and death. It turns out that the reflected tragedy can translate into a new death of someone from relatives of the deceased person.

Also it is widely believed that mirror can become a trap for the soul. It is believed that three days after the death, soul of a deceased person is still among the living. If time does not hang a mirror in the house, then the soul can make mistakes and go through the looking glass, which is very difficult to get out, to go into the Kingdom of heaven. This confused soul will be forced to wander in the labyrinth of the mirror, striking fear in the household and bringing to the house of negative energy.

In the mirror can also get a live person. There is an old superstition according to which, if you look at your reflection in a time when the soul of the deceased is still in the house, the dead might take the living family member with you.

Necromancy is the most abhorrent and blasphemous form of black magic. Here all the rituals associated with cemeteries and the dead. So, to get zagovornye mirror in which lives the soul of a deceased person, for the necromancers is a real chance. Known cases when sorcerers deliberately brought a mirror to the grave, to the face of the deceased was reflected in it. This is one reason why the dead can't be left alone all the time with him must be relatives and close people.

Omens and superstitions associated with mirrors hanging loop

In the old days the mirror surface is manufactured using mercury. Was considered, mercury is able to absorb all that the deceased person suffered at the time of death, and then to Express it on its surface and for forty days living person to come into contact with this energy it is impossible in any case.

It is believed that the mirror, which was printed last moments of a deceased person, is able to show pictures of his earthly existence. Mirror cover or turn to the wall, not to see them dead.

Another reason why it is customary to cover the mirrors. It is known that in the mirror, everything's reversed. Over the dead, read prayers, and the mirror can turn a prayer into blasphemy.

Do I need to cover the mirrors if the deceased is not at home

In the modern world people often die in hospitals, and then taking them to the morgue and some family members taking the body only on the day of the funeral. The deceased being taken immediately to the cemetery. It turns out that the body was not brought home. The question arises: in this case, do I need to cover the mirrors in the house where the deceased lived? The answer is simple: Yes.

For the soul there are no barriers, so it is still three days is the house where the person lived during his lifetime.

Mirrors is desirable to keep covered forty days, regardless of, stood the coffin at home or not.