Since the people were very observant and revealed some regularities according to which certain events entail certain consequences. Such knowledge came to be called signs. There are signs that relate to the nature, the weather, the future of a person and his family. In a separate category related dark signs, which are somehow connected with death and funerals.

What signs portend the impending death of the person?

A seriously ill person can predict the onset of close death on a number of grounds. First of all, the changing smell of his body on specific, reminiscent of the smell of damp earth. A very clear sign of the approaching death – is the emergence of human lice that appear from nowhere and then the same mysteriously disappear. Also one of the clearest signs that the patient will die soon, is the so-called "Stripping" - people starting to gather around his body as if it the smallest speck of dust.

There is a well-known sign associated with whether to live a newborn baby. If in the process of the ritual of baptism wax mixed with baby hair, drown in the water, the child will not live long.

Very true sign of the imminent death of someone who live in the house – if it suddenly bloomed a flower that never bloomed. A story close to this topic was in an episode of the popular show about psychics; it was filmed in the home of a woman who has buried several loved ones. It is noteworthy that before each of the deaths in the house of riotous color bloomed hibiscus.

Signs associated with the funeral

First of all, the coffin must be made in accordance with the size of the body of the deceased. If the coffin more, it will lead to the imminent death of another person. Based on these considerations, the tape, which measured the deceased, should be laid in the coffin with him. If there is something, too bought for a funeral and not be useful – in any case do not keep it at home, and bury along with the deceased.

If the deceased during his life bequeathed to cremate the body, before the cremation, be sure to confirm absence in the coffin of the icon or cross. In any case it is impossible to burn them with the body – it is considered sacrilege.

If within a short period of time in one house there was two deaths, a third dead. In any case can not be blood relatives to participate in the removal of the coffin, because it can lead to a series of deaths in the family.
Finally, the person who attend forty dead, three are forgiven of serious sin.