Sex is a natural need of the body, but each person has their own biorhythm and habits, some people prefer daily affection, to someone once a month is sufficient. It is believed that the activity of men in this matter above, but there are exceptions. If the couple wishes, the probability of disagreement. The dissatisfaction in sex is the most common reason for divorce.

Romantic atmosphere

A woman needs more time on foreplay. And the excitement does not start in the process of undressing, and in advance. She needs to feel loved, desired and valuable. So try to give her the opportunity to test all this. The settings — a romantic evening. You can light candles, play music, spend a few hours alone. Not in a hurry, so she didn't think that you want only to its satisfaction, give her time to awareness and evaluation.

You can invite her to a restaurant or just stroll under the starry sky. And don't insist on having sex then. Let her decide for herself what to do next and what to allow. Sometimes there is no desire, as there is a feeling that in addition to proximity to husband doesn't appreciate anything, we need to dispel this myth. Sometimes you need more than one night, a few weeks of such meetings as in the time of acquaintance to Wake in her former passion. It's easy to bring on vacation when there are no friends, children or parents.

Straight talk

To get sex, sometimes you just need to talk and Express their grievances. Don't Harbor negativity in yourself and experiences, honestly Express what they think. Do not swear, do not yell, just calmly let them know that you have needs and you plan to meet with the couple. It is important not to jump to the quarrel, and listen to what is said in response.

Dialogue is important to hear two points of view. And you better hear her requirements and not to ignore. If she refuses love experiences with another frequency, ask how she sees the solution to this issue? Don't threaten yourself, don't promise to have a mistress, may she realize that she is pushing you into the arms of other women. The right questions will lead to a rapid awareness and behaviour change.

Open relationship

Sometimes the desire to return is impossible, and love becomes Platonic. This is not a rare phenomenon, it is simply not accepted to speak aloud. In such situations, the woman agrees that her husband is sleeping with someone else. Everyone gets what they want, but no one lies and does not invent excuses.

Of course, not everyone will be able to resolve this, after all, the jealousy, the risk of losing a loved one is very significant, but it may be the appropriate thing to do. In this case, the importance of honesty, understanding each other's priorities and perspectives later in life.

Divorce is a way of solution but the most painful. It doesn't fix the problem, is the only opportunity to escape. This method is resorted to only in extreme cases.