Emotional component plays in the initiation of women a key role. Do not rush, do not try to quickly seduce your beloved, even if you both realize that you have having sex tonight. Be courteous, helpful, can afford a few witty jokes of an intimate nature, but no more. This will make a woman be at a loss – why don't you try to seduce her? This behavior will help you to break the usual pattern in her mind and arouse curiosity. Rather, it will provide the first hints at a desire location, moving the conversation in a more intimate direction or try to reduce the distance between you.
Many men underestimate the role of scenery in the initiation of women. Women dream to be loved is beautiful. Contemplate this and prepare in advance. No matter where it is on the roof, in a Park with a beautiful view, in the hotel or in your home – all, and you as well, should be pleasing to the eye.
Perfect seducing women starts in her mind. Get her to fantasize about having sex with you and to burn down from impatience. Thinking about proximity with you, she will start to fire long before your touch, and perhaps the first to attack you.
At this stage it is important to catch the right moment and jump to first physical contact. Touch her hand, stroke hair, tell her something in your ear so that your lips almost touching her. This will give you the opportunity to get used to you. Watch carefully for her reaction – if she smiles and doesn't repel you, then you are moving in the right direction. If not, take a step back and start over. It is important to learn about resistance, fear to seem too available or wanting to be conquered, with this negative reaction.
Start to whisper to her lungs obscenities lightly touching the lips cheeks and hugging around his waist. If a girl blushed and her breathing quickened, so she's already quite excited for more insistent caresses. Try to kiss the girl, slightly slow down and wait for her reaction towards. If you did everything correctly, she will kiss you.
You can tell the girl how will this, parallel to caressing her whole body. Fantasize aloud about how you will have sex, forcing her to engage in dialogue. Alternate tenderness with a slight roughness, many women very sexy. Don't be afraid to be tough, if appropriate to the situation and suits the temperament of your lady.
At this point, the woman is already excited enough, what finally can make sure, feeling the moisture in the right place. If not, go back over erogenous zones. Start from the neck down to the collarbones, sinking lower and lower. Or, on the contrary, rise from the feet, inner thighs and on to the goal. Sex after a foreplay is a very vivid and memorable for you and your beloved.