A girl needs a good think. And, above all, to decide whether or not it is necessary for it. It is possible that the age is not exactly suitable for this. Despite all the talk of her friends, think with your head. If sex insists a young man, and she was still not mentally ready for such a step, it is better to abandon it. First, decide on sex only when you really want that for myself. Secondly, the first time always remains in memory. And only of the girl depends on how good will those memories. To decide on sex is not difficult, it is difficult to make a really right choice, not to be mistaken.
For a young man to decide to have sex much easier. First, guys don't give first time such a large value. Secondly, memories of first sex, though stored in the memory for a long time, still get lost and fade with each new experience. If troubled by doubts, you can read special literature, to mentally prepare.
To decide on sex is particularly difficult if the previous experience was not successful. It is worth to pay attention to the conversations with loved ones that will help to realize how this is a nice lesson in the end. It is very important to find a good partner who will not only think about yourself and about the process, but also about you. Only in this case, sex will bring pleasure, and to decide on it will be much easier.
Reading literature will help to prepare your body and thoughts to process. In sex there is nothing wrong, if you know all the specifics of this case. Remember that erotic stories and romance novels – bad advisers. First, everything in life differently. Secondly, this literature is not preparing to have sex. Although it helps to be excited. And this is half the battle.
Under the influence of alcohol to decide on sex is a bad decision. First, this decision is not yours, and you drink your alcohol. Second, in the morning you will come not only hangovers, but also the realization that your decision was hasty and even wrong. If you have abused alcohol, the best solution is to go to your bed alone.
Before you decide to have sex, several times scroll to the head further events. Think about what you will bring to this experience at this stage of your development and formation as a person. Weigh all the positive and negative aspects of his decision. If there are no obstacles, you can start to practice.