Go to the selection of time and place thoroughly, extreme better to reserve for another time. A glass of good red wine or champagne will help you relax and create a playful mood. In advance, pick up a film of erotic content, where there is a beautiful scene of oral sex. Forget about traditional porn. If your partner is inexperienced or does not accept kisses "there", you run the risk of rejection reaction and spoiled evening.
Proceed first. Showering the whole body of your partner with kisses in the process of foreplay, gradually come down. Reaching the goal, caress her tongue. Be very careful, do not force, do not make rough movements. Make every effort to bring partner to ecstasy. The pleasure did not leave her indifferent. She will want to thank you. You can also try the pose "69". The result is guaranteed.
Do not beg. However, to show excessive brutality, too, to anything. Better stimulating whisper to say something like "take it in the mouth." Happened? Great. Do not be silent, as guerrillas, encourage your partner with moans and sighs let her know that you are well. When something is wrong, please refrain from verbal criticism. You can step back for a few seconds, and the partner is likely to immediately notice and correct his mistake.
Give control of the situation, or at least its visibility to the partner. Don't try to dominate and bring into reality everything that came on the Internet in the category "XXX" if you don't want to scare her off. Just close your eyes and surrender to the pleasure.
At the conclusion of oral sex thank partner a sweet kiss. Do not try to hint to her the need to brush my teeth, otherwise accomplished oral sex with her will be your last. Better to be gallant and get her a glass of water, wet wipes or anything else that may be necessary.