Be interesting, make everything in order she likes. Watch her reaction, someone who likes jokes, someone intimate conversations. Find out what she needs and not help make this a reality. You can even ask what she appreciates most in a man, then by all means demonstrate these skills. Usually women are amazed at the strength, ability to protect, compassion, sense of humor and sociability.
Girl are more likely to agree to sex, if you understand that you take care of it seriously. This does not mean you have to spend a whole month or even six months. Today, a sign of relationship can be interesting and courtesies, gifts and original date. Start with a trivial bouquet of flowers, complete with a fascinating trip on a yacht or just dinner under the starry sky on the roof of the flats. Get creative, because a colorful event can be very budget, but sincere.
Make the woman compliments. Talking about her beauty, about how it says interested. To many ladies not enough attention, and your ability to listen and to admire let her feel like a goddess. Remember that to achieve the goal more important than listening to her and not to talk about yourself. Allow it to be interesting, sociable, charming, and she will thank you for it. But remember. All spoken word must be sincere, do not invent what is not, not to get caught in a lie.
Touch bridge the gap. You can first lightly touch her arm, then hugged. Your fingers can slide across her thigh or back. You need to start very modestly, for she was used, and then become bolder. If you do not know how to approach, when you go somewhere, confidently take her hand. Woman, if you interesting to her, will demonstrate humility and will not break.
If you are already in a comfortable situation, but she says she's not ready, agree with her. But do not give up your intentions. You can continue to hug her, to stroke her body, kissing and otherwise to reduce the distance. Saying that she's right that you know little or day is not the same, but let's move on. Be consistent, do not stop there. Well in this situation, there is a phrase: "it seems to me that we've known each other forever".
Not on what do not insist, do so that she is excited. Take the time to remove her panties or to fill up on the bed. Kissing, slow Stripping will allow the girl to be adjusted. Sometimes you need to let her know that you are worried about security, for example, the table should be the condoms. Leave them if by accident, but she realizes she hasn't much cause for alarm.
If she refused, and sex did not take place, do not proceed to charges and insults. Sometimes it takes a while to get. In this case go not resenting, but with a slight disappointment. Perhaps this evening she comes to regret his words, and tomorrow all happen.