Take care of yourself, not a husband

Men love with their eyes. Trite, but true. Exhausted with household chores wife in a Bathrobe and worn Slippers is unlikely to cause sexual desire. And in the expression "conjugal duty" the key will be the word "duty". Cleaning the bath, it is possible to sacrifice for a visit to the hairdresser. Put some of the work on her husband or children if their age allows.

Spend more time with herself and cares about their appearance. Smooth skin, slim figure, new hair, sexy lingerie – all this makes a woman confident. Confident and beautiful woman attracts the eye of other men. Men always want women who like. And your husband is no exception. The logical chain is very simple.

Experiment in the bedroom

According to statistics, over 50% of women use the denial of sex by husband as punishment or for educational purposes. Not getting pleasure at home, your husband will go find it elsewhere. Do not deny my husband sex, but rather take the initiative. Seducing your own husband and you can be fun. It needs to feel desired and sexy. Often remind him how he's an amazing lover. Romantic dinner with champagne by candlelight, smoothly flowing into the night love is a great idea.
Think about what the husband may wish for other women, not because they are better but because they are different. Become for him, make his sexual fantasies. He wonders who are waiting for him in the bedroom – obedient slave or a powerful mistress. Certainly over the years of marriage you have found those positions in which both have fun. However, variety never hurts. Want to keep passion in a sex shop, view an erotic film, flip through the Kama Sutra. Let them know that you are willing to experiment. Sexual fantasies will always be in the head of your husband, so that they may be directed at you.

Keep your distance

According to research by the renowned psychotherapist Esther Perel, men and women experience the greatest attraction to your partner when they are apart and look forward to the joy of meeting. Do not have to go in different cities to allow her husband to get bored. You can distance yourself and at home. Create your own space. It is not necessary to dissolve in the Affairs and concerns of the family. Find something for yourself. Go to cafes with my friends, in the gym, in the pool, but at least the courses of cutting and sewing. If your evening conversations are reduced to the discussion of assessments of children and tomorrow's menu, you turn to her husband in an open book, to read which is not so exciting. You need to have interests to be interesting to others.