Use sexuality and sensuality, fear not. In bed with a loved you can afford to be relaxed, if he likes it. Do not need to show discontent, to cause to persuade himself and to pretend that the sex you are disgusting. If you do not like to make love, refer to the sexologist and try to reveal my feminine sexuality with the help of special courses of yoga, Striptease and belly dancing.
Don't be afraid to ask your partner about anything. If you don't like the behavior of her husband in bed, gently remind him that he is, in any case, not blaming. Occasionally let the beloved of the clues themselves and listen to his requests. Good lovers need to know how to deliver pleasure to the partner. If you and your husband will be able to study the characteristics of each other, the lovemaking will become much more enjoyable for both of you.
Seduce your husband, try to play different roles. At least from time to time try to initiate sex. Few men like the monotony of the intimate life, as well as the need to constantly coax his wife to make love. Be active, brave, creative, let a man from time to time to play a passive role, that he didn't seem that you do not want to have sex and shift all the responsibility on him.
Learn the erogenous zones of the partner. Believe me, you can do this all my life, and not knowing all the details of the reaction of your husband's affection. Pay attention to his chest, neck, shoulders, lower back, buttocks, thighs. Watch the reaction of your husband to caress and feel free to ask him what he would like from you. Do not limit yourself to stroking a certain area, try to caress the body of the partner.
Take care of yourself and try to be more attractive in bed. Wear lace stockings, sexy underwear, semi-transparent robes, etc., if your husband is hot. Do not go to bed, having put on the face a thick layer of cream or mask, after all, to take care of your appearance, you can in the daytime alone. Be nice and remember that men often love it when a woman is not fully stripped, i.e. it still have a light dressing gown or stockings, but no underwear.