Is easy to understand why so many marriages fail in the first years of marriage. By a man, the women sure that this is exactly what I dreamed, but eventually it becomes clear that this is just a dream image. For each of the image, develops it in all different ways, in childhood or adolescence.

Women who dreamed of a wonderful relationship and understand that you made the right choice, began to criticize the shortcomings of her husband. Of course, men are supposed to be tolerant, to try to change something, change yourself, to understand and accept the shortcomings of the woman, for any influence, the only way to achieve change in the relations of wife to him.

Wife wants to receive from her husband a little elementary tenderness, love, attention, as a woman.
She wants to see the wife of a trusted friend in a difficult minute substitute your strong shoulder.

Desire in relationships

The attention of men to woman is important in a relationship, like many others, but if the husband will not satisfy his wife in bed, life together is unlikely to be happy.
Dissatisfaction is one of the reasons that motivate women to search for the link on the side or take a step to separation.

Since ancient times man has always been a conqueror, and today we have the men's side to prove superiority, to win his beloved, satisfy the Caprice.

Lovemaking is not necessary to stretch for 2 hours, but 5 minutes will not yield results, the main thing is not quantity but quality. An important step to meeting women are foreplay, they men should not be forgotten. Caresses, kisses will prepare a woman and awaken in her the desire to give a man no less pleasant moments with a delicate touch. How long will it take for the foreplay, just hard to say, every woman has the time, aroused, she will understand their desire, willing to have sexual intercourse.

To meet wife husband must be able to extend intercourse and not finish it as long as possible. For this you need to change posture, to stop, to go back to caress and again with new sensations to continue. This technique, assertiveness, ability to understand and appreciate the desires of a woman will satisfy you both.

Only love, affection, satisfaction in the eyes of the beloved, the desire to bring each other pleasure will retain a great relationship for years to come.