Advice 1: How to seduce a wife at home

Over time, the passion in the relationship between husband and wife can wane, as it is affected by everyday problems. If you want to seduce your own wife at home, first you need to establish with it the same emotional connection.
How to seduce a wife at home

How to bring wife home

Note that after marriage, men often stop making her lover compliments, which strewn her before. This behavior can lead to a cooling of passion, because women like to be praised. Every tender and gentle word can turn a girl on even more than the most intimate touch.

Surely after a hard day's work or perform household chores, your wife is very tired. Treat it relaxing erotic massage. Let her seduce not only your touch to her body, but manifest care and attention.

Another way of showing care is a prepared bath. Fill the bathtub with warm water, add foam, essential oils and some sea salt. Around the room you can arrange scented candles, and water, add rose petals. Most likely, somewhere in the most secret corners of their imagination, your lover dreamed of a romantic event. Suggest its second half chilled champagne, and she asks you to join her.

In addition, if you want to get a sexy continuation of the evening at home, you can take care of its romantic beginning in a different place, for example, in the restaurant. Makeup, manicure, dress and neat hair will let your wife feel special. She will certainly appreciate your efforts, and after such a great dinner, and I'll reward you with a night of passionate and tender love.

How to restore an emotional bond with his wife to establish sexual life

If you want to get your relationship again filled with the same passion and emotion, you have to take care of his beloved woman, not only that day, when you want to get intimate, but at any other time. Remember the time when your relationship was just beginning. Surely you gave your significant other a small, but very nice gifts. Start again to make her beautiful things. She needs to know that you appreciate her and need her.

Women love it when they listen attentively and hear. More talk with my wife about how her day was, offer to help. In addition, you can add to your conversations and hints of flirting.

If you have children, most likely, your second half very tired with them. Hire a nanny who can spend time with your kids while you and wife will do together at least a couple times a week.

Advice 2 : How to stick to the husband

Many women hesitate to take the initiative in bed. They are afraid to seem to the husband depraved or unlucky. In fact, man can seduce subtly and delicately. In your power to do what he would think if he wanted sex with you.
Don't be obsessive
Bother unobtrusive. Men hate scheduling sex or marital debt. They don't like when they are under pressure or force them to have sex. Pressure and persistence Express themselves. The woman need to work smarter. You probably know all the erotic stimuli that turned him on. Try to casually display them like you and to think did not think about sex.
Get his attention. If your spouse comes home from work tired and the last thing he can think about is sex. Talk to him, ask about the day. Tasty to feed. It needs to emotionally relax, to feel your warmth. And then intimate conversation could flow into sex.
Offer him a massage. Without any intimacy. Many men come to life from physical contact. Give him a neck massage, the head. Can offer to massage his back. Use a gentle motion, do not attempt to be a chiropractor. It should be a relaxing massage with very soft touches.
Use his favorite fetishes. In order to apply them in seducing, you must know them. Some men gets beautiful lingerie, other – dirty talk with Mat. If he likes in bed to do something specific, can you hint at what you have today it has a special mood.
Leave him unable to retreat. Seducing women should be unobtrusive and delicate. If you see that he is not ready for intimacy, it is better to move it to another day. Men are harder to deny women, and sex from obligations they carry worse the weaker sex. If you see my husband is a complete lack of interest in sex today, stop in their game.

Advice 3 : How to seduce a woman

An adult female was seen in the life of different men. She knows many of the standard ways of seduction, not prone to confusion, its harder to be interested. It is especially difficult to seduce an adult woman who enjoys men popular.
How to seduce a woman
Be confident and persistent. Sometimes there are ladies who are looking for timid boys, to manage and to learn for themselves. But mostly women don't want to see the boy, they want a man. One that knows what she wants and is not afraid to take it.
Engage her. Your attractiveness of youth and vitality. Use it but do not show too openly your young age. Can boast of its achievements in sports, music or painting. But do not mention academic success. If you have nothing to brag about, tell me about his ambitious plans and be interested in life ladies.
Don't start talking about age first. If she asks your assumptions about her age, call it a figure a bit below her actual age. If the lady is clearly more than 30 years, and you say "23" - it can create an uncomfortable situation. Therefore it is better to call the age of about 27-29 years old. And when she called the real figure, in astonishment say: "I wouldn't have guessed".
While Dating you should carefully consider a plan of action. Long walks around town or night out on the roof will not work. It is appropriate to take a lady on the car at least taxi to take to a nice restaurant. And after that, depending on her preference – a theatre, gallery, Opera or other entertainment events.
Do not forget about etiquette. Hold the door, offer your coat, pull up a chair and open the car door. Make her compliments, but not too often - that does not look faked.
When the date will come to an end, begin to set it up at night. Hug, try to be closer, look into your eyes and kiss. Do compliments her sexuality, inform that want it. Usually adult women don't waste their time and agree. But don't forget about confidence – you don't ask and offer.
Before intimacy do not lose your confidence and masculinity. Keep the situation under control and be the leading. Women age want a man knew how to do it all yourself and not waiting for tips. Better take a chance and act at random, than to overwhelm her with questions and clarifications.
The main thing - not to mention not to touch in the communication age ladies. About her age, too, should not be distributed so as not to create a chasm between you. If to be confident and courteous, you will be able to seduce a woman.
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