Advice 1: How to excite wife

More a question of how quickly to bring his wife or girl, for the young guys who do not have sufficient experience in sexual relations. Seem surprising, but on the grounds that "he wants, but she can't" can even destroy a marriage.
How to excite wife
It is no secret that the wife can quickly get aroused from kissing, fondling, and even just words. For millennia the actuality that women love with their ears is lost. Almost everyone can confirm that before sex I need to talk with your partner, it is recommended to make a few compliments.
During the conversation you will have the opportunity to sit down closer to his wife, just to hug her or even kiss her casually, can Pat the back.

However, it is not necessary to file the form that you want her for something more. Do not attempt to stay near his wife for long time, let her feel your absence. Maybe she'll start to think that you don't want her and she will arise the desire, even just to check whether this is so. Meanwhile, can just go for the wine, it.
Here, preferably red wine, which can raise the tone.

Now all you have to find the right moment and start kissing his soul mate. Start with the cheeks and gradually go to the neck, as for most women, this zone is erogenous. This is the most effective way to bring his wife and acts very quickly.

Kissing and touching is what determines your success

Long known that a woman is excited far more slowly than the male. Try to Pat her back, the fingers, the elbow bending. Kiss the neck and ear as far as possible. Never rush on all erogenous zones of women, to accelerate the process in this case is very important tenderness. When you get to the chest, give preference to movements from the bottom up. Note that women's nipples are very sensitive, so do not overdo it, so your wife was not hurt. Just stick to light stroking and light kisses.

In the end – cunnilingus

After you have done the work with the upper parts of the body, your wife will be ready to surrender to you completely. In the finale can go to the cunnilingus. Gently kiss the stomach and gradually go down with your other half between the legs. So it was convenient, place under the back of the little pillow. When doing cunnilingus, you remember about your hands, do not stop their work: caress the clitoris, Breasts, hips. However, don't try hard to quickly complete affection. Take breaks this is going to be your wife forever, and she'll be attracted to you.

Advice 2 : How to impress a woman in bed

Women often try to deliver a man maximum pleasure in bed. They use a variety of methods. As for men, sometimes sex, they don't think about your girlfriend, and try for themselves.
How to impress a woman in bed

Foreplay before sex

When your joint sex life is at an early stage, surprise girl in bed can cause rupture of relations. You need to understand what she wants in a partner before you experiment. In the beginning with the aim to satisfy their partner better to resort to the proven time and millions of men methods.

Rare woman, a cold-blooded preliminary caresses. The whole interest lies in the game itself, in the affection and foreplay, not actual intercourse, which should be the result. The game consists in the mutual tenderness - it can be gentle stroking, light kissing, covering the woman's body.
When a man pays maximum attention to the woman's body, not his, the partner begins to feel lonely with the subject of Masturbation, but rather a goddess.

Fresh ways of doing sex

But what to do when sex becomes or begins to become a planned activity? This often happens from longtime partners, for example, couples who have lived together for more than one year. Routine sexual intercourse is not such a small problem, because in this situation the possibility of betrayal and its probability increases significantly.

Hugh Hefner in his 80 years, said, "I had almost all the girls of Playboy having sex since the age of 14 but not attained a tenth of all his secrets." And he's right. The man who claims about absolute knowledge in the field of sex are likely to not maybe even surprise a woman in bed. Many men, for example, underestimate the weight and importance of cunnilingus.
This relatively simple technique can bring a woman to orgasm and often much faster than classic sex.

When the problem should be solved quickly and efficiently, to help to come the sex Commerce. All the old worn toys should be in the garbage. Try sex shopping. Embark on a sex-shop together with his beloved woman. Try to buy her some sexy lingerie. If a woman in bed will look good, she will begin to feel differently. In addition to physical satisfaction, she will experience and the moral, because in a beautiful sexy lingerie she would feel irresistible and liberated.

Another way to give pleasure in bed with your woman is uttering gentle words. Try to whisper in her ear about his love, about how good you guys are together, about what drives you crazy. It sometimes drives women to madness. They understand that you value them, and begin to try even harder.

Advice 3 : How to please your wife

Most of the female half requires a lot of attention, and rightly so, they and Housewives, moms and mistresses, they want not only gifts, flowers, attention, help around the house, but also intimacy.
How to please your wife


Is easy to understand why so many marriages fail in the first years of marriage. By a man, the women sure that this is exactly what I dreamed, but eventually it becomes clear that this is just a dream image. For each of the image, develops it in all different ways, in childhood or adolescence.

Women who dreamed of a wonderful relationship and understand that you made the right choice, began to criticize the shortcomings of her husband. Of course, men are supposed to be tolerant, to try to change something, change yourself, to understand and accept the shortcomings of the woman, for any influence, the only way to achieve change in the relations of wife to him.

Wife wants to receive from her husband a little elementary tenderness, love, attention, as a woman.
She wants to see the wife of a trusted friend in a difficult minute substitute your strong shoulder.

Desire in relationships

The attention of men to woman is important in a relationship, like many others, but if the husband will not satisfy his wife in bed, life together is unlikely to be happy.
Dissatisfaction is one of the reasons that motivate women to search for the link on the side or take a step to separation.

Since ancient times man has always been a conqueror, and today we have the men's side to prove superiority, to win his beloved, satisfy the Caprice.

Lovemaking is not necessary to stretch for 2 hours, but 5 minutes will not yield results, the main thing is not quantity but quality. An important step to meeting women are foreplay, they men should not be forgotten. Caresses, kisses will prepare a woman and awaken in her the desire to give a man no less pleasant moments with a delicate touch. How long will it take for the foreplay, just hard to say, every woman has the time, aroused, she will understand their desire, willing to have sexual intercourse.

To meet wife husband must be able to extend intercourse and not finish it as long as possible. For this you need to change posture, to stop, to go back to caress and again with new sensations to continue. This technique, assertiveness, ability to understand and appreciate the desires of a woman will satisfy you both.

Only love, affection, satisfaction in the eyes of the beloved, the desire to bring each other pleasure will retain a great relationship for years to come.

Advice 4 : How to turn a girl on

Some girls are most sensitive and is able to get aroused just thinking about close man. Others are required for the excitation of kissing and touching.
How to turn a girl on

First date with a girl

Many are probably familiar with the situation when during Dating, there are many relatives of conversation topics, mutual sympathy, however, after all this activity never occurs. And in this case sometimes there is a logical question: "When you will finally be able to touch it? How, and most importantly - when to kiss?" Kiss during the first date plays an important role. And if the moment never happened, you have to say goodbye until next time. And if subsequent visits will be held in the same spirit, your girl may decide that next to her is a withdrawn and shy man, and the relationship will end, and before reaching the vicinity.

What do the men to quickly call the girl arousal?

It has been proved that for women sex is just as important as for men. The biggest obstacle that does not allow the ladies to admit their desires – the opinions of others about their availability.

Women prefer men who are confident in themselves, and even more - arrogant and pushy. They don't need to ask his companion's permission to hug or kiss.
Most importantly, it passed sweetly and confidently.

Once relations have become more trusting and warm, you can proceed with the action. And to make it easier with words, tender touches and kisses.

Turn-ons woman with a delicate touch. This should be done very delicately and sweetly. In this case it is necessary to focus on the reaction of your lady. If after the man embraces his partner's waist, or puts his hand on her leg, she moves away, it can only mean one thing – it's too soon for intimacy. Touching must be accompanied by a communication and compliments.

In addition, you can turn a girl on by talking about sex. In this respect, the tightness completely out of place. Women are very welcome even a topic of conversation. And those men who don't talk about it with his chosen, lose a lot. For example, it is possible to share impressions about the first sexual experience of any curiosities, their own preferences.
However, to discuss such an intimate subject can not on the first and second date, and only then, when the relationship is already strong enough.

Excite the girl kisses. The first kiss must be gentle and natural. It is a symbol of the continuation of mutual communication. It is not necessary to ask permission for a kiss, but just do it. The initiative must come from men, then it will enjoy both. Leans over to her ear and gently blow into it. Some ladies such action is just crazy.

Following these simple tips, you can impress a woman, to achieve closer communication with her and move to a new level in the relationship.

Advice 5 : Like the girl to do pleasant sex

To pleasure a girl during sex, you need to be attentive to her feelings. It is useful to try to figure out what she likes. Some girls answered these questions reluctantly, but if you care to try different things and see how she responds, you can always find something that will bring her pleasure.
Like the girl to do pleasant sex

Why you should start

It is important to understand that orgasm in girls is not only physiological in nature but also psychological. So to start is to ensure that nothing prevented her to have fun. Create an environment in which she can truly relax.

Start with foreplay. Leisurely kiss, touch: you have to make sure that she is ready, don't get too hasty.

A great way to please a partner is a cunnilingus. Be gentle and attentive. Young people often do not understand very well how sensitive the clitoris of the girl. Trying to please her, they are too passionate or energetic. This leads to the fact that the girl is pleasant sensations gets pain or discomfort in the most intimate and sensitive parts of your body. Then she convinces you that doesn't like it when she's trying to get oral pleasure, and the traditional sex is something that suits her a lot more, just because he doesn't want to hurt your feelings.

In fact, done properly, cunnilingus is a guarantee of orgasm, and he comes very quickly, literally within 2-5 minutes. Try to learn more about how to caress the clitoris, and be extremely gentle and careful in their attempts. At least you should start with extreme tenderness. If a girl wants tougher caress the clitoris, she will let you know.

Equally effective ways

If you master foreplay pleasures, but looking for something new, but try during sex to show their emotions. We tend to think that the girl should moan in sex, and that's fine. Otherwise, oddly. But the man – no, better let them shut, otherwise he would be considered unmanly. Feel free to show how you love to be with her. Believe me, this not only excites men.

Try to tell her during sex, something enjoyable. If your meeting soft and tender, and also better say something relevant. But during a wild and unbridled fun you can afford, and more hard words. Of course, this does not work with all. Try it and see how she reacts.

Anyway, a bit of madness does not hurt. Surely your girlfriend wouldn't mind it rough, within reasonable limits, of course, but it should be something that'll make her head of all other thoughts! Spanking or biting may be the way. But don't be shy to ask her if she likes it, otherwise you risk to deprive her of pleasure.

Advice 6 : As more likely to turn a girl on

If you set out to become the perfect lover to dream about all women who accept as fact that women are aroused much slower than men. If a man is able to come into full alert only when the naked beauty, or stimulation of the primary erogenous zones, the girls need more time for arousal. Remember the basic rule – if you want to transfer the girl to the horizontal and to leave behind amazing memories, aim first in her brain, and then into the body.
Emotional component plays in the initiation of women a key role. Do not rush, do not try to quickly seduce your beloved, even if you both realize that you have having sex tonight. Be courteous, helpful, can afford a few witty jokes of an intimate nature, but no more. This will make a woman be at a loss – why don't you try to seduce her? This behavior will help you to break the usual pattern in her mind and arouse curiosity. Rather, it will provide the first hints at a desire location, moving the conversation in a more intimate direction or try to reduce the distance between you.
Many men underestimate the role of scenery in the initiation of women. Women dream to be loved is beautiful. Contemplate this and prepare in advance. No matter where it is on the roof, in a Park with a beautiful view, in the hotel or in your home – all, and you as well, should be pleasing to the eye.
Perfect seducing women starts in her mind. Get her to fantasize about having sex with you and to burn down from impatience. Thinking about proximity with you, she will start to fire long before your touch, and perhaps the first to attack you.
At this stage it is important to catch the right moment and jump to first physical contact. Touch her hand, stroke hair, tell her something in your ear so that your lips almost touching her. This will give you the opportunity to get used to you. Watch carefully for her reaction – if she smiles and doesn't repel you, then you are moving in the right direction. If not, take a step back and start over. It is important to learn about resistance, fear to seem too available or wanting to be conquered, with this negative reaction.
Start to whisper to her lungs obscenities lightly touching the lips cheeks and hugging around his waist. If a girl blushed and her breathing quickened, so she's already quite excited for more insistent caresses. Try to kiss the girl, slightly slow down and wait for her reaction towards. If you did everything correctly, she will kiss you.
You can tell the girl how will this, parallel to caressing her whole body. Fantasize aloud about how you will have sex, forcing her to engage in dialogue. Alternate tenderness with a slight roughness, many women very sexy. Don't be afraid to be tough, if appropriate to the situation and suits the temperament of your lady.
At this point, the woman is already excited enough, what finally can make sure, feeling the moisture in the right place. If not, go back over erogenous zones. Start from the neck down to the collarbones, sinking lower and lower. Or, on the contrary, rise from the feet, inner thighs and on to the goal. Sex after a foreplay is a very vivid and memorable for you and your beloved.

Advice 7 : Arousing a woman

Sexual favors and the result in General depends on how well you know the female body and the technique of the excitation of his beloved woman.
Arousing a woman


To begin to arouse a woman can be, not only alone, but also, for example, in the restaurant. For this you need to throw at it with longing glances or whisper in your ear pleasant words. Tell your lady a compliment, tell me what turns her on the smell. On the way home do not stop there. Just remember that all your praise must be sincere, otherwise the girl recognizes your flattery will cease to trust you, believing that you just decided to seduce her.

Left alone in a cozy home atmosphere, turn on romantic music and dim the lights. You can use scented candles. Do not immediately begin to caress intimate places of the woman. First, use of touching the skin of the wrists of her hands, earlobes, biting and tender sensual kisses on the neck. In addition, you can offer your other half a relaxing back massage.

Women are very fond of kissing. A passionate and long kiss is able to bring a woman to ecstasy. Just try not to leave her body, and no trace of hickeys. Some girls during sex games love scratching the back of his men, you're strictly forbidden to do this, since scratches will never grace a delicate female body.

Several methods of excitation women

When you both are almost ready to make love, slowly proceed to strip. It is not necessary to lash out at his partner and hastily tearing off her clothes. Smoothly remove each item of her wardrobe, do not cease to caress her body. Cover the light kisses on shoulders, neck, belly. Refer to erogenous zones of your partner. You can gently touch the neck, clavicles and shoulders, area between the shoulder blades, chest, stomach (swipe the tip of his tongue along the path down from navel to pubis), buttocks, inner sides of thighs. Every touch of your hands may be accompanied by a passionate kiss and the stimulation of the tip of the tongue.

During physical intimacy continue to whisper to his woman about how much you want her how she is beautiful and unique. Pokusavate lobe of her ear, caress her hair and inhale the scent of her skin.

Remember that the bodies of different girls in their own way react to different heavy petting. Watch the behavior of your lover, then you will be able to understand what can excite her.

Advice 8 : How to satisfy a girl in bed

To satisfy a girl in bed can every man, but you need to know a few rules. It is important to take the time to listen to her reaction and not to think of yourself not to be selfish.
How to satisfy a girl in bed
The attitude of sexy games at everyone, both men and women have different views. You need to understand that in the mind of another, to give maximum pleasure. To understand personal preferences will help time in a few months you will know all about desires of your partner, but early in the relationship is not so simple and clear.

Sex in the head

For women, the sex act begins long before hitting the bed. She's watching the reaction of the man, drew attention to how he behaves, what he is interested in. It is important to show her that you care not only her body, and her character, habits. Let the girl talk, listen to her carefully, and it will surely help make her happy.

Create pleasant conditions for communication, start Dating, make nice gifts and surprises. This will also help her tune will confirm to her that she was not mistaken with a partner, the choice was made correctly. The more surprises, the more enthusiastic she will be to accept intimacy, and the higher the chance to meet her.

Not in a hurry to run to bed. Dancing, hugging, kissing is an important part of intimacy. For women this point is very valuable, so let her enjoy watching the sun set near you, walk in the moonlight or a nice dinner. Not trying immediately to kiss, to steal clothes. For women in the period of courtship formed the desire, not miss it, savor this moment, and it will open you to fully be honest and sensual.

Love games

Every woman loves some affection. Someone loves when gentle tongue touch the earlobes, and someone thinks it's terrible. Some are afraid of being tickled, while others delighted in the touch of lips to neck or stomach. Experiment, but watch the reaction. If she likes you immediately will understand, if not, repeat again. It is important to identify the erogenous zones and methods of their stimulation, and this is only possible in practice.

Pay attention to the breast and nipple. Most women are the most sensitive areas. But it is important not to bite or to hurt, and to do gentle movement with your hands or tongue. And remember that 30 seconds of these actions may not be enough.

Before penetration, make sure she is ready, she already wants further action. This will help your fingers or tongue. It will also be an additional stimulation, which women brings great pleasure. Remember that it is important that she first had an orgasm, and then you can finish yourself, so take your time and do what she wants.

After sex, ask her what she remembered most, what she wants to repeat. This can be done in the form of jokes, so as not to embarrass her. But usually the lady gives to understand what you were on top, and what you should use again and again to make her happy.

Advice 9 : How to turn a girl on before sex

Sex is important not only to get pleasure but to give your partner. You must know how to excite a girl before intimacy, because then you'll get even more enjoyment.
How to turn a girl on before sex
Move to sex gradually. Preferably the preliminary joint use of alcohol, even weak. In reasonable doses it helps the girl to be liberated and rather to obtain the maximum pleasure from sexual contact.
Start foreplay with kisses. In the sequence of lip–neck–earlobe. You can move as a point with kisses and just hold in the direction of the language. These zones are the girls most sensitive to kissing that will help you rather to prepare it for further caresses. These weasels should take no more than 5 minutes. Otherwise, your lady may be bored with the long wait for the continuation.
Then go to the strip. Try, if possible, remove clothing consistently. Removing something that was put on it above the belt, take the time to remove the rest. Continue to caress her through the clothing, stroking, and at the same time kissing her Breasts, belly, play with the nipples.
Every woman has their own erogenous zones. Someone is easily excited by the slightest touch of your hips, someone instantly make kissing nipples or neck. However, each of them has a number of erogenous zones, "tied" to certain parts of the body. Aware of these needs every man to your sexual intercourse deliver the maximum pleasure not only to you but to your girl. Influencing them in a certain way, you can quickly configure companion the right mood.
Thigh (inner side) is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones from any of the fair sex. Slowly stroking these places and caressing them with light touches, you will lead a girl to a state of strong sexual arousal.
Lips. Passionate, proper kiss will make you desirable to any woman. There are girls for whom passionate kiss correct and even preferable to sex itself.
Chest. Not every girl start fondling her Breasts. But for skilled men, doing everything gently and correctly, this is not a problem. His skill and desire to give pleasure to a lady, will not leave indifferent neither one of them. Affection hands, light biting the chest or the imitation thereof, as well as a gentle touch will help the right mood and anticipation of sexual activity.
Neck neck kissing excite virtually any woman. Especially when you kiss her back.
There are the buttocks, the clitoris and the so-called "point G" what not to forget during foreplay. Massage, press and Pat the body of your partner and listen to her responses. Try to find each girl's individual approach, trying different options and observing her reaction.
Is the advice useful?