It is no secret that the wife can quickly get aroused from kissing, fondling, and even just words. For millennia the actuality that women love with their ears is lost. Almost everyone can confirm that before sex I need to talk with your partner, it is recommended to make a few compliments.
During the conversation you will have the opportunity to sit down closer to his wife, just to hug her or even kiss her casually, can Pat the back.

However, it is not necessary to file the form that you want her for something more. Do not attempt to stay near his wife for long time, let her feel your absence. Maybe she'll start to think that you don't want her and she will arise the desire, even just to check whether this is so. Meanwhile, can just go for the wine, it.
Here, preferably red wine, which can raise the tone.

Now all you have to find the right moment and start kissing his soul mate. Start with the cheeks and gradually go to the neck, as for most women, this zone is erogenous. This is the most effective way to bring his wife and acts very quickly.

Kissing and touching is what determines your success

Long known that a woman is excited far more slowly than the male. Try to Pat her back, the fingers, the elbow bending. Kiss the neck and ear as far as possible. Never rush on all erogenous zones of women, to accelerate the process in this case is very important tenderness. When you get to the chest, give preference to movements from the bottom up. Note that women's nipples are very sensitive, so do not overdo it, so your wife was not hurt. Just stick to light stroking and light kisses.

In the end – cunnilingus

After you have done the work with the upper parts of the body, your wife will be ready to surrender to you completely. In the finale can go to the cunnilingus. Gently kiss the stomach and gradually go down with your other half between the legs. So it was convenient, place under the back of the little pillow. When doing cunnilingus, you remember about your hands, do not stop their work: caress the clitoris, Breasts, hips. However, don't try hard to quickly complete affection. Take breaks this is going to be your wife forever, and she'll be attracted to you.