Advice 1: How to make a girl cum first

Young men who have not too much experience with the opposite sex, often upset that you can't bring your girlfriend to orgasm. Most often this happens from the fact that they too get excited and in a hurry, while the woman to get fun, need more time.
How to make a girl cum first

Foreplay - the first step to a powerful orgasm

If a man set out to bring the girl to orgasm, it needs a lot of patience. Long foreplay is a great way to relax your partner, create the desire and passion. To start an erotic massage from the hands, feet, shoulders. Strokes should be light at first and then stronger. Follow the reaction partner. If she began to moan, his bend - it's time to move on to more intimate caresses. Turn the Breasts, neck, thighs. Take your time. Let the girl get pleasure from sensual touching. You need to make sure that she wanted full contact. Only then the likelihood of orgasm will be almost one hundred percent.

If you hesitate to talk with a girl about sex will have to learn in practice. Watch her reaction to certain affection and soon you'll realize that she likes the most.

Sexual intercourse - how to make the girl cum first

During sexual intercourse it is not necessary to enter the penis at once deeply. Many women have more sensitive upper part of the vagina, which is closer to the lips of the vagina. It is worth paying attention to. Enter penis slowly, slowly. Pay attention to your partner. If you see that her ardor began to cool, stroke your fingers the area around the clitoris. The "Bud of love" must not touch. The skin there is very delicate, and the sharp click will cause only discomfort.

Some poses can also be unpleasant and painful for girls. It is better to know about them in advance, in a candid conversation. Then all prior efforts are not in vain. Usually the most comfortable posture is the traditional missionary or when a man lies the back (when the penis does not penetrate deeply). But every woman can be her favorite position in sex, and if you know about it before the start of sexual contact, you can bring her to bliss very quickly.

Remember that not every woman necessarily need an orgasm. Some like to feel strong man close by. So don't torture yourself and her, if the discharge does not occur. Just wait next time.

Sooner or later you will learn how to bring to orgasm girlfriend. But this is only the beginning of joint experiments. If the partners trust each other, they will find new ways of having fun. And high-quality, regular, varied sex is one of the foundations of a happy life together.

Advice 2: How to understand what brought your partner to orgasm

Men, especially not very experienced in sex, sometimes I can not understand whether a partner is fun. To find out, brought to orgasm a girl or not can be based on several criteria. Every woman they own, and what you will learn from this article.
How to understand what brought your partner to orgasm


How to understand what is brought to orgasm - basic signs

The main signs of the female orgasm - an increase in the amount of lubrication, the strain of muscles of a vagina (it starts to compress and decompress), trembling, groans, sometimes ejaculation (inkjet orgasm). These are the basic signs by which one can understand that the woman had an orgasm.

However, it is not always possible to understand what drove the beloved to orgasm. Some girls are very shy and don't show your emotions, don't make noise and groan, holding back a shiver. With such it is difficult to understand, they received pleasure or not. If your girl is just out of this category pay more attention to secondary features of the female orgasm.

How to understand what brought to orgasm, if the girl is shy

If she strongly hides his emotions, is not revealed in sex, it is very difficult to orgasm. On a psychological level she is the block - it seems that what she does is bad. So she can't relax. If you love your girl, help her to understand that in sex there is nothing wrong. Perhaps she worried that she might get pregnant, or that parents would find out. And many girls are concerned that a partner thinks about her body. So try to impress the girl confidence and to show that you are reliable partner and willing to take responsibility for it. Tell her you love her and ask to get married - most girls enough to know that you are ready to create a family, to become much more liberated in sex.

If the girl still hides his emotions during sex, to understand what drove her to orgasm is possible on that basis that after a certain time (each is their own), the partner tries to avoid penetration of the penis and removes your hands from the clitoris. The fact that a few minutes after orgasm women are unpleasant touching of the sexual organs. They just want to lay there, feeling like the body is filled with pleasant warmth. Although in this case it is possible that she never got orgasm, she just is not pleasant to your manipulation. Best after sex to talk about it and find out what prevents your partner to enjoy lovemaking.

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