If after the first date you came to the girl's home, and she agreed to come to visit you, you already have all chances of intimacy. Around you offers you a cosy and calm atmosphere for sex. Take the initiative and try to take action of seduction of his beautiful second half. If you hear from her failure, she'll probably explain to you some reason. Sometimes it happens that the girl says that you are too little known. In this case, you can just ignore it and play dumb. Proceed with tenderness to touch her body, then she herself might think that spoils the atmosphere importance of his remarks.

The second option of action is in your agreement. You can silently nod his head, as if recognizing that it is willing to wait. However, remove your hand not do with her body, and move it to a more neutral place like the shoulder. Start a friendly conversation, in which attractive your companion gain trust in you and perhaps she will take the initiative. The matter concerns not so much trust, how much of a blow to her ego. She may think that you don't want her again so quickly gave up. That is why in the future she may try to seduce you.

Don't forget that girls love romantic men. In any case, another goodbye save in your mobile phone number flower delivery service. As soon as the courier will bring them to the apartment where you will be spending time with his new friend, the girl was very surprised. At this point she is confused, but her mood clearly improved. At this time you can proceed with the action. Just don't be too persistent, otherwise your lovely other half, it may seem that you are trying to bribe her.

If she decided to use another excuse and says it's her period, you can still achieve intimacy with her if you want it. Just cover her body with light and tender kisses, but do not touch the most sensitive parts of her body. After some time he felt a strong excitement, she can not resist the temptation, cast aside all their inhibitions, sense of shame and nevertheless agree to belong to you.

If a girl rejects you without explanation, to think about what could be this failure. Perhaps at dinner you drank too much alcohol, or ate a dish with garlic. Such strong smells can kill with Bay leaf, coffee beans or lemon slices.