You will need
  • mobile phone,
  • - computer with Internet access,
  • page in a social network
  • - jewels,
  • - women's perfume and lipstick,
  • - women's panties.
Linger after work for one to two hours. Calls do not answer or answer dryly, pretending that you are very busy.
At the weekend I want to go to drink beer with friends. When you get back, don't tell. Forget the phone at home. Do not say with whom of the friends you spend time. Better let it be the people whose numbers she doesn't know. Just try not to touch it, otherwise your attempt to make him jealous may end with a scandal. And it is better to invite these friends to your home to continue the feast, to bouts of jealousy had not been long and not used to drive a woman crazy.
Buy a set of gold jewelry Packed in a beautiful box and hide the house so the gift was easy to find. When you notice that the wife found the hidden gift, take it and leave for an hour or two. Will return and buy flowers and give your favorite. About the gift not to remember. To give it to you in the evening, this will cause the woman to worry.
Communicate with wife on social networks. Let it be nothing, a friendly chat with beautiful girls. Every time your other half will enter the room, go out from your page. Messages should not contain anything such, from-for what a woman could seriously be offended. While jealousy let my wife read the correspondence.
Ask a friend or colleague to send you a message on mobile that she is bored. Wife explain that she hints to you on a more intimate relationship, but you love only one of her.
The following tips is not suitable for all families. Such attempts to warm up your wife's feelings can end in tragedy in the form of divorce.
Buy women's perfume and lipstick. Sprinkle toilet water in the shirt shortly before coming home and slightly dirty lipstick on the collar. Questions his wife can answer that, you dirty, when greeted by a colleague.
Fit beautiful lace panties in the wash, your woman needs to discover in his pants pocket. To her questions, answer what you wanted them to give your favorite.