Not each lady is able to experience a "normal" vaginal orgasm; some girls do find out that it is only after the birth of the child. Thus, the easiest way to bring a girl to the orgasm, which occurs when exposed to her Clit. Most of the fairer sex is the most sensitive erogenous zone on your entire body. That is why it is difficult to experience orgasm in such positions, in which there is at least an indirect impact on the clitoris, for example, when the girls feet are on the shoulders of men.
Before you can caress the clitoris with your finger tip, don't forget to moisturize it, or go directly to caress language. Keep in mind that a strong agitation and the accompanying increase of the clitoris of the girl is not right – it requires some time. Any special instructions according to which you should fondle a girl, there is no act on a whim and keep track of how she responds to your touch. If the girl is already "wound up", she starts to moan, shudder and hugged her, your head. Your task in this point – in any case not to stop and to pay attention only touching some sensitive points of her genitals give her a particularly violent reaction.
Before orgasm the clitoris is reduced in size. At the peak of pleasure the girl starts uncontrolled muscle contractions, and she pulls away from your face or hands. This is because after an orgasm the clitoris becomes area of hypersensitivity, and any touch to it becomes unpleasant.
Be aware that if girl first orgasm, then after that you can do in bed what you want for yourself. The satisfied partner will certainly help you to realize all your wildest fantasies.