Reason for concern

The cat's nose moistened secret, secreted by the mucous membrane, in addition, the cat licks itself it.

However, if you notice that a cat has a dry nose, do not worry — it happens after active play or high levels of stress, if pet is sleeping or just woke up, if he is in a poorly ventilated room, or just sits next to the battery. Dry noses are the cats that lead a sedentary lifestyle. During the day the cat's nose can change its state from dry to wet and back again several times and it is quite normal.

In addition, you should take into account that the normal temperature in cats at 2 ° C higher than that of man, so to touch the cat's nose often seems to be the owner hot.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to observe the cat closely, frequently check her nose. And if you noticed that it stays dry too long, and the cat, usually active and playful, was listless, lethargic and lost appetite, it's time to take action. First of all, measure the temperature in the traditional way, even at home, because in the veterinary clinic pet will start to get nervous, and the temperature "jump" because of this. On increasing temperature the cat can also "report" and red ears that also seem hot to the touch.

Warning signs

The cause of dry nose in diseased cats can hide in elevated temperature and also dehydration, which the secret is not produced in sufficient quantity.

Cause for alarm are cracks, crusts or sores on the nose of a cat is a sign of a skin disease. In this case pet is definitely necessary to drive to the vet.

The cat's nose can be a symptom of ill health not just dryness. If nasal discharge is, they must be transparent. But the yellow, green even if a black discharge, foamy or dense, saying that the cat needed to carry on survey to the doctor.

Too cold in the nose — also a bad sign, he can talk about cold, poisoning or shock.
However, it is noteworthy that in cats, some breeds hue of the nose varies depending on the season, and pigmentation on the nose is not talking about diseases, and old age. About these intricacies owners should learn from the experts, not to worry unnecessarily.

So that the temperature of the nose — relative phenomenon and not a very reliable indicator. To better assess the health of the cats in her General behaviour, when disturbing the "bell" to measure the temperature yourself and when you need to take your pet to the professionals. And, of course, to ensure that the cat's nose was clean, not clogged with dirt or secretions.