You will need
  • Electronic thermometer,
  • thermometer,
  • towel
  • vaseline
  • disinfectant.
The only accurate way to know the temperature of the cat is to measure it rectally. A common misconception that touching the nose of a cat, you can know the temperature of her body is wrong. Rectal measurement is performed through the anus of the animal.
что давать коту при температуре 39.6
Prepare the thermometer. To measure will fit like the old thermometer and the new thermometer. The thermometer measures the temperature for three minutes. Electronic thermometer can be removed after the beep. Before the procedure, lubricate the thermometer bulb with vaseline.
как поставить градусник кошке
Going to call the cat and gently, not making any sudden movements, take her in his arms. Be calm. Then your calmness be transferred to the cat. Talk with her gentle voice.
как определить если у кошки температура
Begin to temperature measurement. Put a cat on my feet. This is the most convenient position of the body for insertion of thermometer. If the cat resists, wrap it with a towel and lay on his lap. A towel will fix her legs and give you the opportunity to safely conduct the procedure. You may need an assistant if your pet is not accustomed to such treatment. Ask your assistant to lift the tail cat up a bit. Take a thermometer and vigorously, but gently insert it into the rectum of the animal. If the thermometer is tight, carefully and slowly rotate it. This will help them to enter smoothly and painless for the cat. Pushing the thermometer to the desired length, push the end of the thermometer in the rectum to one side. After waiting the required amount of time, just gently remove the thermometer.
как измерить температуру у котенка
Evaluate the results of temperature measurement. If your cats body temperature is 38-39 degrees, it is her normal temperature. High temperature is considered to be 39 degrees and above. If your cat's temperature is 39.5 degrees, immediately take her to the vet. This temperature is rare and means that your pet is in danger.
After measuring the temperature, treat the thermometer with soap and water. Then wipe it with alcohol to disinfect. If you didn't decide to help your pet, contact your veterinarian. A professional vet will measure the temperature of the cats quickly and painlessly.