Advice 1: How to comb a cat if it resists

We all know that cats should be brushed a couple is good for the health and appearance of cats, and the apartment becomes less hair. But how to comb a cat if it runs away or throws herself at you as soon as you see the brush?!
How to comb a cat if it resists
You will need
  • comb
  • - dry food or any treats
  • old gloves
To accustom the cat to the scratching, of course, as soon as possible. An adult cat to teach will have probably longer, but in any case it all depends on the nature of cats. It is important to focus on the procedure and be in a good mood - all the cats feel!
First you need to choose an excellent location. Preferred the window sill - good lighting, the cat is limited in movement, and you are comfortable, no need to bend down. Also handy to brush on the table, in the light of a Desk lamp and the bathroom. Before brushing you need to teach the cat to this place to assist her and to stroke, to talk to her.
Now let's talk about combs. A good slicker brush will reduce the time of combing several times, but not every owner is willing to buy it. The first time, it is sufficient to use the conventional massage brush or glove. Most importantly, the brush should not injure the skin of the animal! Massage comb with metal teeth have a special coating and it is important to change the comb coating is damaged. In advance put the comb in place, where they plan to groom the pet.
The secret - the combination with feeding! The cat must be hungry enough and the food should be her favorite. It's best to use dry food or treats.
If the cat is afraid, take it to the place of scratching, try rubbing a couple of minutes and put the bowl of food. Then start slowly to comb from head to end of back. If, after the first combing the cat runs away, lure her out of hiding with food and immediately begin to comb when she eats. Try not to give the cat to run away and constantly push food.
If the cat bites and scratches, for the first time is better to wear unnecessary leather or cloth gloves to save skin. Aggressive cats can cope a little easier, the most important thing to distract them! You can also distract a feeding, or try a favorite toy. To do this, one person played with the cat, and the second standing behind began to scratch.
Do not try to comb the entire cat for the 1st time. Combine the feeding and brushing 1 - 2 times a week, each time increasing the time of combing, and gradually the cat will become accustomed, will associate the hairbrush with food and no longer afraid and bite. After brushing, always give the treat and praise the cat.
During combing wool can be electrified, and it gives the cat's discomfort. Be sure to Pat combed hair and remove the static from the comb.
If the cat is not accustomed to brushing, try changing the comb.
Useful advice
To comb the chest and abdomen, try to teach a cat to serve!

Advice 2: How to comb a cat

For home cat, it is important to properly care to brush her teeth, trim claws, properly fed and on time to take her tray. Moreover, homemade cat needs regular brushing. This procedure not only significantly improves the appearance of the animal: brushing removes the cat fur from dust, and cat's stomach from excessive ingress of wool. Combing the cat, her owner, makes animal massage improves blood circulation in the skin of the animal. Combing should not only longhaired, but also short-haired cats.
Domestic cats need regular brushing.
Before you start combing the cat, you need to remove hair all fallen hairs with the help of special brushes gloves are generally used when combing dogs.
Next, a metal comb with rare and mild teeth should be brushed a cat hair in the direction of its growth.
On the abdomen of the animal has no definite direction of the wool, it grows in this place bunches, therefore, often confused. Generally, the stomach is the most sensitive and delicate part of the body of the cat. Therefore, to comb the hair on the abdomen must be done very gently and carefully, towards the tail. Problem areas where the comb gets stuck, carefully disassemble hands and comb through again.
Cat pants – also a quite sensitive part of the body of the animal. They must be brushed as carefully as the cat's tummy.
The collar and cheeks of the cat should be brushed towards her face
The hair on the chest of the animal it is better to comb, moving from the front legs to the chin.
Boca cat comb is necessary, moving towards the tail.
To comb the animal's paws, the cat should be put on the back on the knees of the owner. Better to start with the hind legs. Pants should be brushed in the direction from the heels of the cats on her tail. Next, you need to carefully comb the front paws of a cat, in particular the delicate armpits of the animal.
The tail, if there is no particular need in his brushing, it is better not to touch. Damaged hair is recovering very slowly.
When all parts of the body of the cat is already combed, the animal should be again to turn on the tummy and remove with a brush-gloves extra hairs that are left after brushing the cat.
To remove tangles, tufts of matted hair, extreme care is required. Capturing a single Mat between your fingers, you need to cut it with scissors directly above them.
Combing the cat should be very carefully and gently, not making sudden movements and jerks. Injuring or causing the cat pain, the owner may forever lose the trust of your pet.
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