Sphynx is devoid of hair, but the heat of animals is quite high. Their skin feels warm, therefore it may even seem that the cat has a fever and she is sick. Body temperature ranges from 38-39оС. The most interesting is the psychological relationship between man and animal. Sphynx understanding, deep and meaningful glance. They subtly feel the mood of his master. The love of a pet to a person is immeasurable, he does not get tired to prove it.

The contents of the canadian Sphynx

The contents of the Sphinx differs from the content of the other cats. In numerous skin folds accumulate secretions, which attract dust and dirt like a magnet. It is therefore necessary from time to time bathe your dog in warm water using a special shampoo for cats (you can apply baby shampoo without strong smell). Do not wipe heavily soiled leather of the Sphinx special wipes designed to take care of animals. Do not let your pet spend a lot of time in the sun, as the skin burns quickly.

The Sphynx is a pretty neat cat, so you should always maintain the cleanliness of the tray. Trim the nails as they regrowth. Gently push on the paw, using sharp clippers, cut off the transparent tip. Try not to touch sensitive areas. So the cat won't abrade the furniture, you can seek help to the veterinarian to remove the claws of the Sphinx (or purchase a scratching post).

Care for the ears, eyes, teeth

Sphynx have large ears. Accelerated metabolism and increased body temperature in the ears of the animal quickly accumulate secretions. Clean the ears of the cat once a week using a regular cotton swab. Never clean too deep the ear, it may lead to otitis media or damage to the eardrum. By the way, in shops for Pets have special tools for cleaning the ears.

Since the sphinxes are practically absent eyelashes, the eyes often develop contamination. If a cat has watery eyes, there was purulent discharge, you should see a doctor, this suggests the presence of infection. Transparent and brown discharge are normal. Wipe the Sphinx eye cosmetic soaked in the infusion of chamomile, tea leaves, a warm solution furatsilina or boiled water. You can use a special tools for cleaning the eyes.

In order to avoid plaque and Tartar gently clean teeth cat brushing. Teach your pet from an early age to dental hygiene. Gums should have pink color and have no visible signs of inflammation. In sale there are special feed for a teeth cleaning.

Nutrition of sphinxes

Sphynx have a good appetite, omnivorous (as they have faster metabolism because of the lack of fur requires a lot of energy). The difference between these cats lack the nicety to food. Don't allow your pet to overeat. When the content of the Sphinx should make a choice between natural food and industrial food. The finished feed is most balanced. Natural food is also a decent option, but it is difficult to balance (to calculate the correct proportion, the necessary amount of minerals and vitamins). Sphynx are strictly contraindicated fatty foods.