The structure of the nose of a cat

The nose of the cat is an incredibly accurate tool for exploring the world around. In simplified form, two nostrils separated by cartilage. They are in the lattice system "shells", where the cat with the necessary skills to keep interest in the smell and filter out extraneous flavors.

The scent of cats are sharper than a human 15 times, due to the availability of a large number of receptors. But the smell is not the only function of the cat's nose. The mucosa of the nasal passages warms the animals inhaled the air and purifies it from germs and bacteria. And since the nose, the so-called mirror, is also very sensitive to temperature, with the help of the cat determines the temperature of objects without even touching them.

Looks like a healthy cat's nose

In a healthy animal, nose to the touch and slightly cool, damp, sometimes even a little slippery, slightly shiny, without flaking and crusts.

However, after experiencing stress, active play or a long sleep, the nose can become hot. This is normal. But if its temperature is not changed within a few hours and he stays dry and warm, you need to measure the overall temperature of the animal body. But at the same time to look at the cat for other symptoms of illness.

But not only the change in temperature and humidity, the mirror can indicate disease. Its color is also important. Pale nose can be a sign of poisoning, severe hypothermia and any systemic diseases. A bluish tinge of the nose can signal lack of oxygen or heart disease.

Reddish mucous can be a sign of infection, rhinitis, high blood pressure, allergies or mechanical damage. Yellow mirror the nose – a sure sign of kidney disease or liver.

If the cat belongs to the breeds which are painted in a dark color, and a mirror of her nose, usually dark. In this case, to observe changes in the color of the nose quite difficult. And therefore further inspect the mucous membranes of the lips and eyelids.

Constant surveillance

For timely identification of the disease, it is necessary periodically to touch the nose of the cat, checking the humidity and temperature. It is better to do the back of her hand. If the nose of the animal warm and dry throughout the day, you need to urgently go to the vet.