Dry nose – Norma

In some cases, the dog can be dry and warm nose struck her without any infections. For example, had just woken up, animal nose is always dry, and it does not mean any pathology. After 15-20 minutes of being awake everything comes back to normal. Dry nose can be in pregnant and lactating bitches.

In situations when the animal is nervous, the nose can dry and be warm to the touch. In this situation, lead the dog to the vet is not necessary. It is sufficient to remove the source of stress and to spend some time with the dog, waiting to calm down, to caress the animal, give him a treat.

In the summer if your pet spends a lot of time on the street, his nose could simply be burnt. Do not panic, but next time be careful, and give him a small amount of sunscreen. A similar situation may occur in extreme cold. As the skin of the hands of people, not wearing gloves, the skin of the dog's nose may dry and begin to crack.

A symptom of any disease is dry nose

The most common cause of dry nose in dogs is allergies. Often the cause may be in regular contact with plastic. If the bowl for your pet made from this material, replace them with glass, metal or ceramic. However, as allergen, as in the case of a person who can be anything, including any food, pollen or dust.

A cold nose dog can also be dry. In addition there will be other symptoms: runny nose, sneezing, cough, hoarse barking. Observe the behavior of your pet. Sick dog becomes lethargic, doesn't want to play with the owner or go outside, it may refuse to eat and hide in a secluded place. To verify the correctness of your assumption that the animal is necessary to measure the temperature, and if it is above 39 degrees, contact your veterinarian.

A warm dry nose in dogs can also indicate injury. In this case, you can also detect swelling, scabs, ulcers, swelling. In this situation it is better to take the animal to a veterinary clinic to avoid contamination.

The dogs found the autoimmune disease pemphigus, in which their olfactory organ becomes dry and warm. After that his skin blisters that burst and form a crust, preventing the animal to breathe. Pet must be seen by a specialist who will give advice about treatment.