The animal body consists of 90% water. And the loss of 10% pet may feel discomfort. Cats drink water to compensate for its loss in the process of respiration, urinary output. In a number of diseases (diabetes, kidney disease) the supply of life-giving water is not fully recovered. The same is the situation with diarrhea, vomiting and in contact with a bacterial infection in the body. When temperature rises, water evaporates faster and becoming dehydrated.
A symptom of the disease is saliva, sticky gums, dropping his eyes, loss of skin elasticity. If these symptoms occur, then the animal should immediately show the vet. The doctor will first examine the cat. Check the skin, mucous membranes and determine the degree of dehydration. To identify the clinical picture will need biochemical analysis of blood. It will help to identify the disease and determine the status of internal systems. Sometimes blood test is not sufficient for diagnosis, in this case, carry out ultrasound and x-ray.
To restore the normal water balance the doctors injected intravenously or under the skin a large amount of saline. The amount and method of administration depends on the degree of dehydration. In severe cases, the pet is left in the hospital to provide daily medical support. Loss of water can lead to death of the animal.
Vomiting and diarrhea are the most common causes of dehydration, they need as soon as possible. This will help homeopathic medicines that are diluted in water. Animal should be forced to drink the medicine until, until it becomes easier.
After the treatment it is needed carefully to follow the diet of your pet. It is best to exclude from a diet of dry food. When injected into the stomach, they pull a large amount of fluid to digest. During this period, more appropriate liquid mixture. Cats drink much less frequently than dogs. And the food for them - the main source of water. If the pet refuses to eat, then you need to make and apply different tricks. Eating better a little warm, then it will be more fragrant that will surely attract cat. If the animal drinks a little, then in a Cup of water to pour a little chicken broth.