The owner of each cat must be prepared for the fact that in the off season the apartment will be scattered scraps of wool – pet shed. But if it falls too much, then it may not be quite normal. The process of molting exposed to absolutely all breeds of cats, except only the sphinxes that have no fur, so shedding is nothing. The reason is that when there comes a new season, the animal reverses the scalp, relieving the old. Usually cats it happens in spring, but domestic cats have slightly shot down by a seasonal rhythm, so they are prone to shedding at any time of the year. Cats often shed after nursed kittens. A lot depends on how well respected the conditions of the pet, enough is it vitamins. During molting should additionally care for an animal, especially if you have a cat long haired breed. You need every day to comb the cat, so you can avoid tangles. If your home cat sheds year-round, and the hair falls out very much, that is a reason to get worried. This often happens because the animal doesn't have enough nutrients minerals and vitamins. For good wool requires fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6. Their body of the cat itself can not synthesize, so it can get them only from food. If you give her a special food, make sure to buy those which would contain these substances. Additionally purchase vitamins to feed your animal to support it. If the situation is not improving, and in spite of what you feed your cat quality food and give her vitamins, she's still shedding, the reason may be that pet's hormonal imbalance. Perhaps incorrectly functioning thyroid gland or a problem in the gonads or the adrenal glands may be in the cerebellum. Determine the cause can the vet. Be sure to show the pet doctor and ask him. Also, the reason for excessive shedding can be stress inflicted on the animal. It cause some diseases, such as ringworm, leukemia, allergic dermatitis, parasites, pathogenic fungi and others. If you are stroking a cat, and on hand are pieces of fur, it is pathological moult. Figure out what specific thing can the vet. You can sum up. If your cat sheds, it is most likely a seasonal molt. In that case, if hair loss is prolonged, the take care of to improve the diet of the pet with the essential vitamins and minerals. If this does not help the molt or too strong, it is time to go to the vet.