The most common cause of cough in cats is inhalation of pieces of food, dust or other foreign matter. The animal is able to cope with this problem. However, if the cough does not stop or spasms become more frequent, the pet should be required to show specialist.
Coughing in cats can cause some smells. For example, a cough accompanied by sneezing, can be seen when the animal breathed in tobacco smoke, the smell of citrus fruit, sharp-smelling substances.
Frequent and regular cough occurs in an animal infected with such diseases as laryngitis, pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis and tracheitis. These diseases affect primarily the respiratory system of the cat, so often accompanied by attacks of suffocation.
In rare cases, coughing in cats can be caused by diseases of the cardiovascular system. Such attacks belong to the category of the most dangerous symptoms. Ignoring this cough can cause death.
If the cough the cat appeared once and the owner was able without difficulty to determine the cause, examination of an animal specialist to carry out not necessarily. In such cases, when the cat choked on food or a small object that cough safely removed from the respiratory organs, as well as the moments of inhaling caustic substances.
If the cause of the cough cannot be determined, then the cat is better to send for examination. In some cases, you may need laboratory and clinical studies of this symptom. To identify the cause of cough the vets even hold special diagnosis of internal organs of a cat.
Please note that the lack of timely assistance could cause serious damage to the health of your pet. Asthma, for example, can take a chronic form. To treat the cat it will have more than one year.
Cats, like humans, can be allergic reactions, which are also accompanied by cough. To identify the allergen by careful observation of a cat or with the help of special tests.
The most common cause of cough in cats can be called a catarrhal condition. If the pet is supercooled, used as food too cold food or liquid, in addition to cough, the animal may obtain a full range of signs of a cold, which is almost identical to the condition in humans.