You will need
  • - drops for animals;
  • - decoction of eucalyptus leaves;
  • - the juice of boiled beets.
First you need to find out what was the cause of the common cold: the flu, another disease or Allergy. If your kitten was cold or drafty, most likely, the runny nose was caused by flu. The behaviour of pet is almost constant. In this case, the kitten feels well, in General his condition is not worse than usual.
как развести карася в пруду
To treat this kind of runny nose use special drops for Pets or children's drops on an oil basis. The duration of taking the drops for 7-10 days. In that case, if the runny nose is of viral origin, the kitten will shake its head and scratch his nose.
вылечить кошку
Look to the secretions from the nose. With viral disease, they are first watery, then becomes mucous. Do kitten the inhalation of steam from a decoction of eucalyptus leaves. To do this, cover his head and the bow of the kettle with a towel or napkin. But don't burn a little too hot steam, allow broth to stand.
как лечить у кошек насморк
Pour into a small pouch hot sand and attach to the nose area of the kitten. This will warm up the affected area. To do such procedures need two or three times a day. With a strong fever rinse the nasal cavity kitten 0,5-1% solution of zinc sulphate or 2-3% solution of boric acid.
после уколов иммуноглабулина возможен насморк у котов
Instead of these medicines can use 1% salt solution. For good result rinse the nasal passages with juice of boiled beets. In each nostril kitten inject five or six drops of economocally, which should be pre-diluted with saline 1 to 2.
для заживления раны глаза у кота
Take care of the kitten, keep him warm and keep him on the street. If the temperature of pet increased (40 degrees), take him to the vet, otherwise complications can occur. At the discharge from one nostril you should also show the kitten to the doctor. This can be a symptom of growths in the nasal passage.
In allergic reactions the kitten on something find an irritant, eliminate it. Your pet will have to undergo a special examination, after which the vet will prescribe treatment.