Why the fingers can pop the bubbles

Even when the bubbles on the fingers almost indistinguishable, it gives moral discomfort. What can we say about the cases when bubbles are clearly visible, brightly colored. Understandable human desire as soon as possible to get rid of this scourge. But you need to know the reason why blisters and what treatment is required.

Common cause of these bubbles is a skin disease (e.g. eczema), caused by the body's reaction to some external stimulus. Usually this stimulus is cleaning, the detergent containing a degreasing components. But rashes can be caused by cosmetic means for skin care of hands – soap, creams.

It should be possible to reduce the contact of such substances with the hands. Working with household cleaners or detergents should be carried out in protective gloves. The use of cosmetics for hands should be stopped, at least temporarily, and see what the result will be. If the rash will disappear or significantly reduced, you should pick up other makeup that does not cause such reactions.

Often the appearance of bubbles – the result of exposure to the allergen. And it can be anywhere: in foods, beverages, cosmetics and perfumes. Empirically determine what kind of product or household remedy Allergy and stop using it.

An allergic reaction is often accompanied by severe itching. To reduce it you can take any antihistamine medication (for example, "Zyrtec", "Effective"), and also zinc ointment, cream "Lorinden C". Well also help warm baths with infusion of chamomile, calendula, celandine.

Rash on fingers may be due to vitamin deficiency. Most often this happens in the spring. In this case, you must enter in your diet foods rich in the missing vitamins or take a multivitamin complexes.

Bubbles can also be a symptom of a fungal disease, as well as the consequence of stress, physical and mental overstrain, prolonged absence of rest.

To what expert to address with lesions on the fingers

To establish the cause of any disease can only be a qualified physician. Therefore, the appearance of the rash on the fingers you must consult a dermatologist. If necessary he will appoint additional examinations (for example, to determine the possible allergen) and will select the most appropriate drug for treatment.