If itching of the palms is of a systematic nature at the hands of a rash, which does not rest, should immediately consult a doctor.

The most common reason for itchy palm is an allergic reaction to any product. This can be Soaps, powders, chemical solutions for cleaning household appliances, lotions, etc.
If in addition the palms are itching and other skin areas, it can be associated with allergies to scent, dust, food, Pets, etc.

Scabies can cause constant itching hands. The itch mite is most often settles under the skin between the fingers, on the wrists and other areas where delicate and thin skin. In these places, usually appear watery pimples. In this case, itching was more worried about in the evening. When stress symptoms only intensified.

Eczema – a very common skin disease. The result of this phenomenon becomes inflammatory process on the skin. Often on palms redness, blisters and peeling. Eczema can also be a complication of simple allergic reactions.

Itching palms can be caused by emotional stress, allergies, disruption of certain internal organs and fungal infections.
To determine the true cause of regular itching of the skin should seek the assistance of a qualified specialist.


In case of allergic skin reactions to external agents, you should observe what could cause itching. After that it is necessary to limit all possible contacts, and of contact with the irritant. You must regularly to maintain the humidity of the hands, using a variety of infusions, masks and nourishing creams. The treating physician can receive Allergy medicines.

If the cause of the itching of palms was such a disease, as scabies, you should immediately contact your doctor. Self-medication in this case is unacceptable.

Eczema of the skin should also seek the advice of a qualified technician. You should avoid scratching the skin. Otherwise, you will only aggravate the situation. Often eczema of the skin using a variety of recipes of folk medicine (bath of decoction of birch, compresses of a decoction of the leaves of burdock, lotions slurry of viburnum berries or fresh cabbage, etc.).