The palms of the hands, fingers may itch due to some dermatological (skin) diseases. In addition to the itching often on the hands, red spots, which itch intolerably. This diseases such as scabies, pediculosis, urticaria, atopic dermatitis and some others.
Exposure to chemicals, mechanical and thermal phenomena at hand can irritate dry and sensitive skin (contact dermatitis). Please note, not frozen hands from the cold, nor were they excessive exposure to sunlight if the skin household chemical substances that do not sweat the palm of your hand. Possible products from fur, leather, wool, synthetic affect them. Even the hand cream can trigger allergic itching. Stop contact with the irritant and itching will gradually go away.
Itchy skin may indicate the presence of any serious diseases: diabetes, kidney failure, tumors, dysfunction of thyroid, liver, lymphatic system of the body.
Strong psychological stress, nervous agitation, anxiety cause skin itching, especially of hands. Also the reception and use of certain medications (injections, tablets, ointments) may provoke itching in the palms and between the fingers.
Obviously, insect bites provoke itching in the affected area. Prolonged scratching the area of insect bite should consult a dermatologist. Possible allergic reaction to insect venom, the introduction of bacteria when they bite into the body.