The lack of vitamins

Human skin is the mirror of his health. By itself, the disease will not appear, and so there are some glitches in the body. The most harmless cause of the convergence of the arms of the epidermis can be vitamin deficiency. This is a disease in which there is an acute shortage of minerals and vitamins. Constant intake of good vitamin-mineral complexes will allow to eliminate the nuisance. Furthermore, the use of a variety of nourishing and moisturizing masks, creams, compresses and baths can help speed recovery.
With the appearance of flaking and oblezenie skin of the hands should see a doctor.

Dry skin

Increased dryness of the skin can also be the cause of the disease. Most often this happens as a result of improper care of the skin of the palms or his absence. Non-compliance with measures of protection in the cold or, conversely, in hot weather, abrasive tools, chemicals. In this case, to restore will lead a competent and continuous care for your hands, protecting them from wind and temperature changes, the use of gloves when working with chemicals.

Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis also is the reason that hands peel off the skin. This disease can be allergic, mechanical or fungal in nature of origin. In this disease the lesions can be very itchy on the palms and body appear transparent bubbles, which subsequently burst, causing thereby a very good feeling.

In the first two cases will help to cope with the disease keeping hands in contact with different stimuli, for example, some drugs, hygienic and cosmetic preparations and substances, detergents etc. In the third case the treatment takes place under the supervision of a dermatologist. The doctor will prescribe anti-inflammatory and antifungal medications, as well as give some recommendations for medical nutrition and routine.
Failure to comply with the designated doctor events, treatment may be ineffective, and the dermatitis will spread throughout the body.

Hypersensitivity of the skin

The problem of oblasenia of the epidermis from the palms may be in young children. The reason is hypersensitivity of the delicate baby skin. In this case, you should definitely show baby to a dermatologist. To perform all the prescribing physician, to protect the skin from external irritants.