Owners of sensitive skin, including skin often have an allergic reaction to detergents and cleaning products. Redness and itching can also occur after contact with hands of dust and dirt, touching some plants. The skin is sensitive even to water and to cold (snow, frost, rain). There are foods that cause an allergic reaction. First of all, it is chocolate, citrus, honey, nuts, condiments and spices. And, of course, allergies can be to medicine.

As a rule, the hands in contact with the allergen begin to itch immediately, so the cause can be recognized quickly and all treatment is to simply delete the contact. But it happens that a Allergy develops gradually, persists for a long time, and in this case to determine the etiology is problematic. For accurate diagnosis requires a trip to the allergist or the dermatologist.


Scabies is a fairly common cause of itching hands. Scabies (the itch sudna) can be picked up with a dense and sufficiently long contact with a sick person or animal. Favorite places microscopic parasite – thin and soft fabric wrists, interdigital space and other areas where it is easier to get under my skin. The classic manifestation of scabies – rash papulovesicular, i.e. similar to the rash of chickenpox. People affected by scabies, itches almost constantly, but in the evening time itching is still increasing. However, sometimes the itching occurs without itching, and the rash is almost not noticeable, however, in certain circumstances, stress, shock, shock and acute diseases the symptoms are extremely bright.


In places affected by ringworm, or dermatophytosis, (often hands), staining of a pink color, the skin on these areas is peeling and itchy. Often the media is depriving not attach importance to the problem and just lubricates cream on it or some folk remedy – aloe, celandine, plantain decoction of other herbs. It is dangerous. The treatment is delayed, the disease becomes threatening. Skin lesions can go all over the body and head, ringworm will take a chronic form, and then the person becomes a real source of infection to others. At the first suspicion of dermatophytosis need to rush to a dermatologist.

Disgidroticheskaya eczema

This disease characterizes the specific localization of the rash. Basically it is the skin of hands and feet. The problem requires a comprehensive approach and serious treatment. Causes of skin eczema doctors call a genetic predisposition (hereditary factor), and trauma, and diabetes, and diseases of the digestive system, and chronic gonococcal process sluggish current in the body, and much more. To identify the true etiology can only be a medic specialist. Treated disease it is hard, therefore, these patients used combined therapy.

Psycho-emotional stress

Nervous strain or emotional stress suffered shock or prolonged crying can cause rash on hands, accompanied by itching. Sometimes, a hundred itchy palm, but the skin is perfectly clean, and the itching is, is just to calm down. Be sure to see a neurologist. If due to objective reasons, the trip to the doctor is impossible, you can use folk remedies – decoctions and infusions of soothing herbs and roots (for example, motherwort, chamomile, Valerian root, etc.).

A bad cold or the flu

When a person gets sick a bad cold or flu, in his body there is a decrease in the immune system. Against this background, on the skin (and not only them) can get a rash, irritation, itching. Low immune system the body strives to get rid of harmful substances, these efforts are accompanied by high fever and profuse sweating. Pungent discharge (because it contains lactic acid) is released through sweat glands and pores, thereby irritating the skin and causing itching.