Advice 1: Why itchy fingers

Itching on the skin is quite common. Unpleasant feeling may be short-lived and go into a chronic disease, with cracks, blisters and rashes. So you should know what cause itchy fingers, and core symptoms of serious diseases.
Why itchy fingers

The causes of itching on the hands

A variety of dermatological diseases – one of the main causes of itching. In this case, in addition to anxiety and discomfort on the skin may appear rash, redness and other symptoms. Such diseases include atopic dermatitis, urticaria, pediculosis, scabies, etc.

Temperature, mechanical and chemical exposure may also cause irritation of the hands. If the skin is initially highly sensitive and dry, itching may appear because of use of cosmetics, wearing clothes of synthetic materials (wool), excessive perspiration, sunlight, heat or cold.

In these cases, the cessation of contact with a primary irritant, itching will gradually disappear. The disease is often classified as contact dermatitis.

Waconia diseases also often cause discomfort and itching. Such diseases include: disorders of the thyroid, tumors in the gastrointestinal tract, failure in the lymphatic system of the body, kidney disease or liver, jaundice, diabetes.

Itchy fingers can and psychological stress. Highly excitable on a psychological level people in this way can react to any situation.

Itching on the skin of the hands can result from this drug. Often a variety of injections, ointments and tablets carry similar side effects.

Useful tips

If the hands of a rash, blisters, call for help in medical institution. To relieve itching at home can be as follows.

Pain reliever and temporarily relieves itching – cold. Attach a towel, wrapped it cubes, to the lesion.
The poultice should be changed periodically.

Relieve itching from the skin will help the oatmeal solution. For its preparation you need 1 Cup of oat flakes pour 3 liters of boiling water. Finished in a warm solution of the hands should be placed for 15-20 minutes.
Oatmeal solution provides a soothing effect on irritated skin.

Try to minimize the use of a variety of external skin irritants: wool and synthetic fabrics, detergents, antibacterial and scented soap.

Do not contact with cold and hot. Hand wash only with warm or cool water. Boiling water from severe itching will intensify.

Do not forget about personal hygiene. Regular hand washing is an excellent prevention of many diseases.

Advice 2 : Why itching

Itching of the skin of the hands, palms, fingers may appear in different reasons. Not all of them hazardous, requiring attention to the problem. However, you should know why itchy hands, and when they ask his master about medical care.
Why itching
The palms of the hands, fingers may itch due to some dermatological (skin) diseases. In addition to the itching often on the hands, red spots, which itch intolerably. This diseases such as scabies, pediculosis, urticaria, atopic dermatitis and some others.
Exposure to chemicals, mechanical and thermal phenomena at hand can irritate dry and sensitive skin (contact dermatitis). Please note, not frozen hands from the cold, nor were they excessive exposure to sunlight if the skin household chemical substances that do not sweat the palm of your hand. Possible products from fur, leather, wool, synthetic affect them. Even the hand cream can trigger allergic itching. Stop contact with the irritant and itching will gradually go away.
Itchy skin may indicate the presence of any serious diseases: diabetes, kidney failure, tumors, dysfunction of thyroid, liver, lymphatic system of the body.
Strong psychological stress, nervous agitation, anxiety cause skin itching, especially of hands. Also the reception and use of certain medications (injections, tablets, ointments) may provoke itching in the palms and between the fingers.
Obviously, insect bites provoke itching in the affected area. Prolonged scratching the area of insect bite should consult a dermatologist. Possible allergic reaction to insect venom, the introduction of bacteria when they bite into the body.
According to popular belief the right hand (especially the hand) itches to unexpected monetary gain. Someone will give you a debt that I forgot, or you randomly get a prize from the management. The left hand is considered to be itchy to what will soon have to shake hands with an important person for you, or you will have to give in soon money.
Useful advice
Before the visit to the doctor itchy skin can be soothed with cold, ice wrapped in a towel and putting his hands on it. Or you can do an oatmeal bath for hands for 10-15 minutes. To do this, dip your hands in warm decoction of oatmeal or oats.

Advice 3 : Why itching

Itching on the inner and back sides of the palms, the wrists, the elbow – a phenomenon unpleasant and sometimes painful. Why itchy hands, the precise answer can only dermatologist, neurologist, endocrinologist or other doctor profile. In any case, first revealed the etiology, and then treatment. In fact, the causes of itching can be very different – from allergies to detergent to such serious as psoriasis and eczema disgidroticheskaya.
Why itching


Owners of sensitive skin, including skin often have an allergic reaction to detergents and cleaning products. Redness and itching can also occur after contact with hands of dust and dirt, touching some plants. The skin is sensitive even to water and to cold (snow, frost, rain). There are foods that cause an allergic reaction. First of all, it is chocolate, citrus, honey, nuts, condiments and spices. And, of course, allergies can be to medicine.

As a rule, the hands in contact with the allergen begin to itch immediately, so the cause can be recognized quickly and all treatment is to simply delete the contact. But it happens that a Allergy develops gradually, persists for a long time, and in this case to determine the etiology is problematic. For accurate diagnosis requires a trip to the allergist or the dermatologist.


Scabies is a fairly common cause of itching hands. Scabies (the itch sudna) can be picked up with a dense and sufficiently long contact with a sick person or animal. Favorite places microscopic parasite – thin and soft fabric wrists, interdigital space and other areas where it is easier to get under my skin. The classic manifestation of scabies – rash papulovesicular, i.e. similar to the rash of chickenpox. People affected by scabies, itches almost constantly, but in the evening time itching is still increasing. However, sometimes the itching occurs without itching, and the rash is almost not noticeable, however, in certain circumstances, stress, shock, shock and acute diseases the symptoms are extremely bright.


In places affected by ringworm, or dermatophytosis, (often hands), staining of a pink color, the skin on these areas is peeling and itchy. Often the media is depriving not attach importance to the problem and just lubricates cream on it or some folk remedy – aloe, celandine, plantain decoction of other herbs. It is dangerous. The treatment is delayed, the disease becomes threatening. Skin lesions can go all over the body and head, ringworm will take a chronic form, and then the person becomes a real source of infection to others. At the first suspicion of dermatophytosis need to rush to a dermatologist.

Disgidroticheskaya eczema

This disease characterizes the specific localization of the rash. Basically it is the skin of hands and feet. The problem requires a comprehensive approach and serious treatment. Causes of skin eczema doctors call a genetic predisposition (hereditary factor), and trauma, and diabetes, and diseases of the digestive system, and chronic gonococcal process sluggish current in the body, and much more. To identify the true etiology can only be a medic specialist. Treated disease it is hard, therefore, these patients used combined therapy.

Psycho-emotional stress

Nervous strain or emotional stress suffered shock or prolonged crying can cause rash on hands, accompanied by itching. Sometimes, a hundred itchy palm, but the skin is perfectly clean, and the itching is, is just to calm down. Be sure to see a neurologist. If due to objective reasons, the trip to the doctor is impossible, you can use folk remedies – decoctions and infusions of soothing herbs and roots (for example, motherwort, chamomile, Valerian root, etc.).

A bad cold or the flu

When a person gets sick a bad cold or flu, in his body there is a decrease in the immune system. Against this background, on the skin (and not only them) can get a rash, irritation, itching. Low immune system the body strives to get rid of harmful substances, these efforts are accompanied by high fever and profuse sweating. Pungent discharge (because it contains lactic acid) is released through sweat glands and pores, thereby irritating the skin and causing itching.

Advice 4 : Why itchy armpits

Itching in the underarms is quite a common phenomenon that is found in men and in women. Most often it is accompanied by allergic reactions to various cosmetic products, but may be a symptom of cutaneous, endocrine or neurological diseases.
Why itchy armpits


The most common cause of itching in the underarms is an allergic reaction to cosmetics: shaving gel, deodorant, soap, etc. Deodorants, antiperspirants often the culprits of allergic reactions. If a skin reaction occurs again and again, try to choose a line marked sensitive or "for sensitive skin". You may also suitable for organic media. The disadvantage of such antiperspirants is that they are quite expensive, and protection from odor and sweat does not last long, about 6-8 hours. If a new tool was allergic to, then do not use it and skin reaction will pass by itself within 24-48 hours. If you are experiencing severe discomfort and itching prevents you from sleeping, take an antihistamine.

Mechanical damage

If you shave armpits, there is nothing strange that you are often worried about itching in this area. There are several reasons for its occurrence. First, growing hairs irritate the delicate skin of the armpits. There is redness, irritation; the situation is exacerbated by the possible ingrown hairs. Secondly, the skin in the shaving process damaged blade, but via small scratches and cracks in it can get infected. In this case there is intense itching, redness and pain. Also owner sensitive skin may face the intolerance the rough synthetic fabrics. Clothing made of synthetics breathes badly. Due to the lack of air circulation, the person strongly sweats. High humidity is irritating to the underarm skin, causing itching. The same applies to fleecy fabrics and tight-knit. Try to choose clothes and underwear with a high content of natural fibers.


In certain endocrinological or neurological diseases there is excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis. Heavy sweating and, as a consequence, itching in the underarms accompany various disorders of the autonomic nervous system, in particular, vegetative-vascular dystonia. And in violation of the endocrine system and changes in hormonal levels may experience changes in the composition of sweat. It becomes more caustic to the skin. In order to verify the presence of hormonal disorders, it is necessary to hand over analyses on hormones of a thyroid gland and to consult endocrinologist.
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