Causes of vesicles on the body

Before taking steps to treat bubbles on the body, it is necessary to identify the cause of their appearance. These symptoms may occur due to insect bites, exposure to chemicals, as well as due to allergic reactions, the development of the disease. Blistering is one of the symptoms of autoimmune diseases (pemphigus vulgaris, dermatitis herpetiformis). Blisters on the palms and soles, other parts of the body appear due to the development of some viral infectious diseases (chickenpox, herpes, shingles, fungal diseases).
Bubbles can puncture, so as not to provoke infection infection.

In the formation on the body many red bubbles need to go to the doctor to rule out infectious diseases. Such manifestations may be a symptom of chickenpox, measles, rubella. In this case also symptoms General malaise. Watery bubbles may appear due to friction of clothes shoes or slightly burns, in most cases do not require special treatment and disappear on their own.

What if on the body blisters

If the cause of bubbles is a herpesvirus infection, apply antiviral ointments and drugs in tablets ("Acyclovir", "Aciclovir", "Panavir"). In children it is recommended to use "Oxolinic ointment". To treat the symptoms of herpes zoster prescribe antiviral drug "Metisazon", ganglioplegic ("Pyrylium "Gangleron"). Vesicles on the genitals may indicate the occurrence of genital herpes or other diseases. In this case you need to refer for advice to the specialist venereologist.
Bubbles on the body it is impossible to treat diabetics and people with circulatory system diseases.

If bubbles appeared on the body due to insect bites, it is necessary to grease this place with a medication containing corticosteroids (for example, "Hydrocortisone ointment"). Itching after insect bites can be removed by using cold compress or rubbing a cotton swab soaked in soda solution. When allergic reactions need to take antihistamines. If the bubbles on the body caused by burns, it is necessary to first cool the burned place with water, and then spend antiseptic treatment of the skin. Then use ointments, gels, accelerating the healing process (for example, "Solcoseryl"). Small bubbles appeared on the body due to friction of clothes or shoes, you need to stick with bactericidal plaster.