Your first step on the road to recovery should be a visit to the doctor. First, visit a dermatologist. It will make the scrapes, and if the results of the tests will be revealed fungal infection, the dermatologist will give direction to the mycologist. The duration of treatment will depend on the extent of involvement, duration of illness and had passed the fungus on nails. If the nails are affected, the successful fight against ringworm can be called when completely grow back nails without any signs of damage. Treatment is considered complete when three swabs taken at weekly intervals, the fungus will not be detected.
In the most advanced cases, treatment starts right away receive ketoconazole (the"Nizoral"), 1 tablet 1 time a day. With oral exposure, is assigned a local application with ketoconazole – 2 times a day throughout the treatment period.
Mild forms of fungal infections are treated easier and faster. In mild lesions of the skin fungus can be derived, applying drug zistan in the form of solution and cream. Before using it rasparte hands in the soda solution, then rinse in clean water and blot with a soft towel. If the nail is affected, cut the affected areas, dispense nail solution acteria, and then smear the skin with a cream containing the drug. Repeat morning and evening until full recovery.
Fungus on hands in the early stages and treated folk remedies. The most widely used in the fight against ringworm got celandine. To prepare the broth take half a Cup of herbs and flowers of this plant, pour a glass of boiling water and boil in a water bath for 5 minutes by covering the vessel. Pour the broth into a thermos and let steep for several hours. Depending on the number of cleaning products you can make bath for hands or applique. The nails when affected after the procedure, lubricate them with fresh juice of celandine.