Advice 1: How to cure fungus on the skin

The appearance on the skin wet bubbles, peeling, burning, itching, rolling in pain that may indicate infection of the fungusmi, or ringworm. If you do not want life to wear clothes with long sleeves, hiding the affected areas, then begin to cure quickly need.
How to cure fungus on the skin
Your first step on the road to recovery should be a visit to the doctor. First, visit a dermatologist. It will make the scrapes, and if the results of the tests will be revealed fungal infection, the dermatologist will give direction to the mycologist. The duration of treatment will depend on the extent of involvement, duration of illness and had passed the fungus on nails. If the nails are affected, the successful fight against ringworm can be called when completely grow back nails without any signs of damage. Treatment is considered complete when three swabs taken at weekly intervals, the fungus will not be detected.
In the most advanced cases, treatment starts right away receive ketoconazole (the"Nizoral"), 1 tablet 1 time a day. With oral exposure, is assigned a local application with ketoconazole – 2 times a day throughout the treatment period.
Mild forms of fungal infections are treated easier and faster. In mild lesions of the skin fungus can be derived, applying drug zistan in the form of solution and cream. Before using it rasparte hands in the soda solution, then rinse in clean water and blot with a soft towel. If the nail is affected, cut the affected areas, dispense nail solution acteria, and then smear the skin with a cream containing the drug. Repeat morning and evening until full recovery.
Fungus on hands in the early stages and treated folk remedies. The most widely used in the fight against ringworm got celandine. To prepare the broth take half a Cup of herbs and flowers of this plant, pour a glass of boiling water and boil in a water bath for 5 minutes by covering the vessel. Pour the broth into a thermos and let steep for several hours. Depending on the number of cleaning products you can make bath for hands or applique. The nails when affected after the procedure, lubricate them with fresh juice of celandine.

Advice 2: Looks like fungus on hands

Fungus on hands is an infection that affects the nail plate. The disease can be transmitted through handshake, showers and bath accessories. To avoid disastrous consequences, you need time to begin treatment.
Looks like fungus on hands

What are the external signs of fungus on hands

Some people on the skin are fungi. During normal operation of the immune system, these fungi did not manifest itself. But if the immune system for some reason weakened, they can start to multiply rapidly, while a person will manifest signs of the disease. This disease causes not only physical discomfort, but also moral.

Early in the disease some people are not even aware that they have a fungal infection. They feel dry skin, itching, peeling; can see that the nail plate is modified, for example, has changed color or structure, have become skinny. Sometimes people attribute these characteristics to the lack of vitamins, fatigue or other objective reasons. Thus, they miss the time when the disease can be overcome fairly quickly and easily, because growing Horny mass aggravate the treatment.

With the development of fungal diseases of the nails become brittle, darken, delaminate, and on the skin begin to occur a little watery bubbles. Gradually the itching intensifies, at times becoming intolerable. The skin may be covered with cracks, blisters. The itch of fungal disease increases after washing the hands or showering.

In the most severe cases, there are festering sores that produce a bad smell. At this stage the fungal infection has already spread throughout the body, and the man required prolonged complex treatment.

How to treat fungus on hands

After examination, the dermatologist must choose the most suitable antifungal agents. You should immediately tune into the fact that in advanced disease a rapid recovery will be. And certainly don't believe advertising that promises instant cure another "miracle" ointment.

There are many reliable and proven antifungal agents commonly used in the form of ointments or capsules. It is drugs such as "Mycomax", "terbinafine", "Mikazaru", "Nizoral", etc. the Duration of treatment and frequency of medication is determined by the attending dermatologist.

It is also necessary to take measures to strengthen the immune system – tempering procedures, streamlining the day and rest, taking vitamin complexes and Immunostimulants, i.e. drugs based on ginseng, Siberian ginseng, schisandra. You should lead a healthy lifestyle, sleep at least 8 hours a day.
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