Advice 1: How to find your precinct

The district Commissioner, perhaps one of the most important police officers. He must be in constant contact with the citizens living in his district. But it is naive to think that the district will be able to post their business cards in all the flats - the citizens themselves should know how to find members of the police Department.
How to find your precinct
You will need
  • Phone of help service of Department of internal Affairs.
  • Phone reference point.
  • The calling card of the district or his mobile phone.
On the phone.

First you should get to the city help Desk number of help service of Department of internal Affairs. There must not only give the phone number and address of a reference point, but also to report the name and patronymic of the precinct. The staff lists are constantly updated and distributed for internal use. In a pinch, you can call in a call center of regional Department of internal Affairs. And they tell us where, when and how you can catch the district.
On the website.

In each region there is a site of Department of internal Affairs. As a rule, contacts the district, as well as the house within its plot can be found in the section "Structure", subsection "municipal and district bodies of internal Affairs". Every ATS has its own page, which shows the surname, name and patronymic of chief of office, phone his office and duty. There should and is a list of the precinct. But it happens that the contacts of the precinct are carried in separate link on the home page of ATC. This information is perhaps the most sought-after law-abiding citizens.

You need to understand that the district is not required to sit in the base of the clock. He is obliged to inspect your site, identify the offense, conduct explanatory work. It makes sense to know how much and where is the district going to a meeting. Typically, this occurs at eight in the morning in the district office of internal Affairs. There you can personally meet with the district to clarify his mobile phone to report suspicious situations and other problems. Many crimes can be prevented due to the vigilance of citizens, the efficiency of the district and established a personal contact.

Advice 2 : As find phone district

The most popular police officer is the district Commissioner. Conflicts with neighbors? Shenanigans of teenagers? Someone parked the car in the flower bed with the flowers you lovingly planted and watered? All that occasions for communicating with the district. But since by the nature of its activities the district does not sit in one place, and almost constantly moves through trusted him, to find him can be difficult.
As find phone district
If you have Internet access, go to the law-enforcement portal of the Russian Federation: In the menu on the left, select Urgent connection, and the point Precinct. You will be prompted to a form where in which you need to include your address. As a result, you see a photo of the district, his name, telephone number, by which it is possible to find as well as a list of addresses in the territory for which he is responsible.
Phone number and address of the place where the district takes complaints of citizens, you are required to report the duty of the district Department of internal Affairs. First, call the help Desk and find out the phone of the duty. Then, calling in a call center, what is your address, and the attendant will tell you who is responsible for the site where and on what phone you can find, and also call your district office hours.
If the district you are needed urgently, please call the police Department relates to the plot. As a rule, employees in one Department know each other. If you tell us why you urgently need police, and convincingly explain that the matter is urgent, the staff of the Department will be able to figure out where in the moment is required and the district will connect you with him.
Usually, a local police officer working in the areas of the site, and in his office he spends only hours allotted for the reception of citizens (4-6 hours per week). On the website or in the duty of the district police Department you can get the phone number and address of the Department or the reference point, where the district holds its office hours. Thus, if employees of the police Department, given the urgency of the situation, will not connect you directly with the district, you will need to wait for the receiving day and go to the reception. To contact a district Commissioner phone not reception hours probably also not work, because it just won't be near the public phone in his office. And service cell phones the district does not give.
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