To know relates to what portion of your home and find out the contact details of the district Commissioner of police, you can law-enforcement portal of the Russian Federation: To do this, select the menu section "Urgent communication" item "Policeman". In the form, enter your address. You will then be given all the necessary information: surname, name, patronymic and title of the district Commissioner, his picture, phone number and a list of houses under its supervision.
Information about the precinct can also be obtained by contacting the duty of the district police Department. The telephone Department will tell you in reference service. You can also get this information by calling all known phone call to the police – "02".
Call the district phone is not always in the office, he is obliged to carry out only those hours that are allotted for the reception of citizens (usually four to six hours a week), the rest of the time he is on the site. Information about foster law enforcement hours on the portal are not published, but in the regional Department of internal Affairs you should provide this information.
You can also call the district Commissioner, leaving the statement at the police station at the place of residence. Clearly specify the nature of your complaint, write the statement in two copies, necessarily putting your address and phone number. One instance of the Express duty to see that he should have registered it and signed the second instance.
Your application will be transferred to the district. If he does not take action within two days, write a statement again. Two pending complaints can serve as a reason for going to a higher authority. But usually the district respond to "signals" rather quickly.